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Do you remember reinforcement stickers? I used to use them all the time with my Trapper Keeper™, and I currently use them for pages in my planner. (Yes, I still use a paper planner, and I love it!)

Often, after a couple of weeks of trying to make a change on our own, we will find ourselves feeling either discouraged or overwhelmed. Maybe we bit off more than we could chew, or we realize our skills are inadequate for the task at hand. The good news is, we can always reach out for reinforcements. We call a friend or family member to come alongside and help us keep moving forward. Or, we can sign up for a class or coaching session to help us tackle some especially challenging development. Frequently, the best course of action is to hire a professional who can come in, identify exactly what needs to be done and make it happen.

Are you feeling skeptical about your ability to see your resolution through to completion? If so, this is nothing to be ashamed of. Instead of giving up or shelving your goal, bring in a resource who can get you back on track. A goal that is worth pursuing is worth investing in.

8 thoughts on “Bring In Reinforcements”

    1. Ah the glory days of paper! I miss paper. Alas, have to keep up with the new tools. The reinforcements might look different, but they are still just as needed. Have a great day, Jessica!

  1. It’s kind of funny because I LOVED using those reinforcements and was always happy to share them with others. As it is now, I still love helping others and being part of their reinforcement team.

    But it’s also telling that while I loved using reinforcements to repair holes, I haven’t always been as enthusiastic for enlisting help for myself. However, in the past bunch of years, the realization of what “team” means and the positive impact it has when you’re struggling, has encouraged me to bring in the “reinforcements.”

    Thank you for this lovely ah-ha: a connection to the past and identification of an area I’ve grown.
    Linda Samuels recently posted…How to Make Conditions Better for Your Fresh StartMy Profile

    1. You are a VERY caring and giving spirit, Linda, so I am not at all surprised that you used to share your reinforcement stickers:) I’ve also embraced the “team” concept more as I’ve gotten older. Just a couple of nights ago I was talking about downsizing and said, “Downsizing is a social event” and talk about all the various people who may be a part of the process. Having a good team, and particularly someone to help you get through difficult times, can take a painful process and make it pleasant.

  2. I think professional organizers are the epitome of reinforcements. Most of us have trouble organizing our belongings or daily routines or moves or any of those things that calling in a professional organizer can remedy. You are the reinforcements. I know that getting my office organized seemed to me an impossible task, but calling in an organizer not only got that job done but actually got me thinking about how to organize other parts of my life.

    1. I’m so happy to hear this! Having an organizer come alongside can often be such a quick and simple remedy for a complicated situation. That is one of the reasons I love my job – being able to truly help get everything back and order and working smoothly:)

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