Hang In There

Hanging Pumpkin

Look at my pumpkin. The vine grew up the side of my garden fence and sprouted this beauty about 3 feet from the ground. I thought for sure it would break off and fall when it got too heavy, but it never did. Instead, it hung in there, eventually ripening to a beautiful orange color.

We are not completely in control of our destiny. We can work hard, sacrifice time and do everything “right,” but we cannot ensure an outcome. Life is complex, and at any given moment we may find ourselves dangling in a precarious situation. During times like these, often the wise approach is to take care of ourselves, stay strong and be patient.

Are you worrying about how your plan will work out? This is normal. Sometimes you cannot see exactly how the future will unfold. Yet always remember, not every goal will be attained, but every true attempt can be fruitful.

6 thoughts on “Hang In There”

    1. Isn’t that funny that it didn’t come crashing to the ground? I put it out on my front stoop for Halloween and felt proud of the little guy:)

  1. Wise words, Seana! Patience is often the missing link. Instant gratification seems to be a common thread these days. Cultivating the patience to wait and see how life unfolds is great advice.

    1. That is so true, Diane. Patience seems to be a disappearing virtue, which is too bad. We all seem to want others to be be patient with us, but struggle to return that attitude outward. We keep trying… definitely add patience to advice for hanging in there!

    1. I wish I were more patient as well. Allowing myself time not to be rushed definitely helps, but I know this is an “area for growth” for me:)

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