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I love to plan. Looking ahead brings me a measure of peace. While I never know for sure what will happen, being aware of my upcoming schedule helps me prioritize. I write down everything I want or need to do and block off the time to do it.

Reaching a goal typically requires that we alter the way we use our time. Time is hard to come by, so it helps if we can block it out in advance. Rarely does extra “white space” pop up, and when it does, we are unlikely to use it for something requiring exertion or effort. To move forward, we need to assign specific tasks to specific days.

Whether you are starting today or have been working toward your resolution for a couple of weeks, be intentional about your future agenda. Record what you will do each day, making the tasks small enough that you will actually do them. One bite a day and you will eventually eat the apple.

8 thoughts on “Plan It Out”

    1. Some of us truly enjoy the process, right? For me, it helps me control what I can so I am more nimble when reacting to the things that I cannot.

  1. Me too! I make my plan for the next day the night before. If I haven’t finished something, I schedule time to work on that project – provided the time is available. Planning ahead helps me to feel more in control of my day. It’s also easier to be flexible when I have a sense of what I want to do and any future appointments.

    1. I completely agree, Diane. I think you and I feel very much the same on this issue. Sometimes I believe I am a bit too rigid with planning, resulting in a less than spontaneous mindset. However, we all need to embrace the system that works for us, right?

    1. I agree, Sabrina. Looking ahead and thinking about how I can respond to events and when I will tackle various tasks helps relieve stress. If I can’t see a way to get things done in my planning process, then maybe I’ve got too much going on and I need to make some changes.

  2. I like to have a plan, but with a lot of flexibility built in. I block out time to do things and then remain flexible with how I go about accomplishing things. I leave some time unplanned because surprises come up. I use my digital “2Do” app to cue me for action items. The list gets coordinated with my calendar which enables me to see how to best organize my time.
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    1. Love that you build in flexibility, Linda! That is so important. As is coordinating your 2Do with your calendar. That is a step that many people fall short on. We need to be realistic about when we actually have the time to work on various tasks. If I’m looking at a crazy day coming up, I won’t assign a long list of tasks to that day. I love how each of us has an approach. The best system is the one you use and trust!

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