Things Will Look Different

Man stirring a giant pan of paella

This is a food truck in Valencia, Spain. My daughter took the photograph while spending a semester there last year. My first thought was, “Whoa, that is one big pan!” Apparently Valencia is where paella was first invented, and you can buy it all over the city. Street vendors look a little different over in Spain.

Change is change. When we try something new (like visiting a foreign country), we should expect to find ourselves in unfamiliar circumstances. Maybe a step we’ve taken will have a ripple effect and we will begin rethinking some long-established behaviors. Perhaps we will go someplace we’ve never been and feel awkward or vulnerable. Often we meet new people, some of whom may challenge our beliefs. The path of change is always a little unpredictable.

Are you trying something new this year? If so, you are likely to go through an adjustment period. You might come face to face with people, places and things you’ve never seen. Embracing, rather than resisting, these surprises will ease your path as you push through to improve your life.

4 thoughts on “Things Will Look Different”

  1. Love this as yes I know we all can be a bit hesitant to change, but the gentle reminder here that change can indeed be a good thing and to embrace it is definitely so helpful.

    1. I have to be honest and say I don’t really enjoy change, but it can definitely be a good thing. Especially in hindsight:) If we want to make improvements, we have to be open to things looking a little different in the way we think and act.

  2. At my stage of life it seems everything is changing. Most of it completely flummoxes me but I have learned many things I thought I never could and never wanted to. We get pushed into change or we will be left behind and really out of luck. I am being a little more willing to try new things. Computers are still a real challenge for me but I’m using one now so that’s progress.

    1. Well you are managing to leave a comment here, Dianne, so I would say you are doing better than most! It can be so hard to have things change out from beneath us. I admire you for even trying to stay current:)

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