Simple Weekly Habits to Get and Stay Organized

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Habits are really the “secret sauce” to making lasting change in your life. Last week I began my new series of posts on organizing habits with ideas for things to do on a daily basis. This week, I’m continuing the series by sharing some simple weekly habits to get and stay organized. The day of the week doesn’t matter. The key is to be faithful in following through with these habits on a weekly basis. I think it works best to do each task on a predetermined day of the week (e.g., every Monday, every Friday afternoon, etc.). So here we go, four weekly habits to change your life!

Weekly Organizing Habit #1 – Throw Away Trash


Weekly Organizing Habit #2 – File Paperwork


Weekly Organizing Habit #3 – Meal Planning


Weekly Organizing Habit #4 – Pay Bills


Working these habits into your weekly routine will make a big difference in how you feel about your time, space, and belongings. What do you do on a weekly basis that helps you stay organized?

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17 thoughts on “Simple Weekly Habits to Get and Stay Organized”

  1. I start the week each Sunday as you recommend with these weekly habits and routines. I find it very easy to start the week when I know what is going to happen each day, what to wear, and what our family is eating. It is the secret to less stress.

  2. All great tips! I love planning my meals once a week and making the grocery list. I have two lists as well – one for my regular grocery store and one for the Farmers Market. Once I have done this task once a week, I am free of making those decisions and know that I won’t waste time running to the store again. While cooking for children is behind me, I love the idea of “chose your meal” using up leftovers!
    I also schedule a weekly time to pay bills. If I do this every week, I also know that if life happens and I can’t get to it for one week, I am still fine. Most bills can wait for two weeks to be paid.

    1. That’s such a great point about the bills. Knowing that you have a designated time slot for a task alleviates the pressure of figuring out when to do it. So if you have to skip one week for some reason, you can have the confidence to know that it will be taken care of next week. Love this!

  3. Wow, this was such a chock-full post with 4 videos in 1 blog! I like the habits that you chose because they are areas that can cause weekly stress if not dealt with. I would say that I am the worst about filing because it’s such a tedious task for me and nothing usually happens if it piles up. I do have a “to be filed” area so at least they are corralled. I actually enjoy meal planning and I have a pick up night (Thursday night) where my teenagers and spouse grab whatever they want in the house for dinner and I have no responsibility in meal planning. I make a very large Friday night and Saturday lunch so Sunday night is usually leftovers of those meals. Your trash video had the most impact on me because trash is sneaky and does build up if you don’t watch for it. I love the idea of going around the house with a garbage bag once a week. I might try that! Thanks for the great tips.
    Jill Katz recently posted…I’m Drowning in Storage Containers! Taming Your Baskets, Bins, Boxes, & OrganizersMy Profile

    1. I’m loving your pick-up night on Thursdays. It’s nice for you to know that you will have a night off, and the kids probably enjoy this chance to get something they love. That’s exactly the kind of alternative I really want people to think about. Furthermore, by having it on a set day of the week, you don’t need to keep negotiating the topic!

    1. I enjoy the meal planning process in general, but it is relentless. If I don’t plan, I often end up buying what appeals to me in the moment. This works for things I can freeze, but often means I have to make a second trip to pick up items I forgot.

  4. These are all great habits to cultivate, Seana. I assign Sunday as the day I change sheets, towels, and my duvet cover. I have time to get that done (washed, dried, folded and put away with fresh sheets on the bed and clean towels in the bathroom) before church. I love this habit as it makes me feel as if I’m starting the week off on the right foot.

    1. I neglected to mention the laundry/sheets/towels. I do this weekly as well. I don’t change my duvet every week, but I respect that you do. Your bed must smell and look heavenly all the time. 🙂

  5. What excellent suggestions for ways to develop great habits! I love your idea of designating specific themes for meal planning, like “Taco Tuesdays.” And your idea to call leftovers night “Choosing Night” is brilliant! It’s such a clever idea and a reminder of how impactful the words we choose are.

    It’s funny, but for certain things, like doing laundry, I have a specific day of the week I do that. I keep up with all the other things you suggested, but I am less consistent about doing them on a specific day of the week. Bills get paid based on their due dates. I typically attend to them once a week, but it’s sometimes on different days.

    Meal planning is very loose. We have all the necessary ingredients and assemble the meals on the fly. It works for us, and frankly, we’re OK with eating similar things for the various meals. It’s kind of like simplifying your wardrobe, but we do it with how we eat.

    1. Personally, I eat the same breakfast and lunch every day. It’s just easy, and I’m perfectly content with the repetition. Others in my household disagree, they like the variety. It all comes down to priorities I think. I value the predictability and simplicity more than gustatory variety.

  6. The trash one is so easy, but so easily missed. My mother ingrained in me the habit of never leaving a room (for even a minute) without throwing away the trash, and then taking one large bag and walking room to room to empty each trash into the big one. (But ouch, I’ve been guilty of those “new clothes” plastic tabs!) I really could have done without the “bug” vision; I’ll have nightmares tonight!

    You know how strongly my Paper Doll persona feels about getting those paper filed, and yes, for many people, weekly is more realistic than daily. The same goes for having Money Monday (or the like) for making sure there’s planned time to pay the bills (and then file the papers)!

    I don’t really cook, so I’ll never meal plan myself, but of course I recommend it to clients. If I had a robot chef, I’d happily plan those meals. Someone should get on that! 😉

    I’m delighted that you discussed these weekly tasks, as I’m a big believer in making chores more ritualized.
    Julie Bestry recently posted…Paper Doll Explains Aspirational vs. Inspirational ClutterMy Profile

    1. That’s what this is all about. The more can can turn a task into a ritual, the easier it will be. In fact, there can be a soothing element to tasks performed in a ritualistic fashion. That said, even I have left the clothing tabs on the closet shelf. Believe me when I say, no judgment here!!

  7. I have enjoyed the meal planning process in general, but it is relentless. If I don’t plan, I often end up buying what appeals to me in the moment. this site is very wonderful.

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