Simple Daily Habits to Get and Stay Organized

simple daily habits to get and stay organized. 

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Have you seen a show or video about someone getting organized? Such videos are often dramatic and exciting. I love a good “before” and “after” as much as the next person. At the same time, while a major overhaul is invigorating and fun, the true secret to living an organized life is more about habits than it is about grand gestures. What we do regularly, and especially daily, eventually defines our lives. To help you experience the freedom that comes through organization, I’m beginning a series of posts on organizing habits. I’ll begin this week with simple daily habits to get and stay organized.

Daily Habit #1- Triage the Mail


Daily Habit #2- Clean the Kitchen Counter


Daily Habit #3 – Reset High Traffic Areas


Daily Habit #4 – Push in Chairs and Stools


Daily Habit #5 – Set a Prioritized To-Do List

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I hope you will give these daily habits a try. What you do each day will have a significant impact on your quality of life!

What do you do each day to get and stay organized?

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18 thoughts on “Simple Daily Habits to Get and Stay Organized”

  1. My daily goal is to get organized after I come home. I bring my clothes to the laundry room, place my shoes in the closet, and get my bag unpacked. It might not feel so good right away, but in the morning it feels amazing!

  2. Every evening I make my list for the next day. I review what didn’t get done today, look at my appointments, and then make a realistic list (which includes my scheduled appointments) of what I aim to do the following day. It really helps me stay on top of the things I want to do and to be prepared for the things I must do.

    Your videos are fabulous!

    1. I love that you include your scheduled appointments onto your to-do list. I do this as well, but I’ve often wondered if this is common practice. I feel like it makes sense because it is something I need to do, so might as well be on my list, right?

  3. Love these tips. I do all of them and they are routines, so I don’t even think about them. On Sunday I put together my weekly “to do” list and then set up my daily calendar for the week. I plug in all the tasks that are not daily or every week and try to leave some spaces for the unexpected.

    1. It’s funny how some of these seem like “common sense” habits that everyone does, while for others they are new ideas. We all do some routines rather automatically, which is why I love hearing what others find helpful to do on a daily basis. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Kim. I think some people like seeing a video more than reading words. I”m toying with ways to make video instruction more available!

  4. Your ideas for “simple daily habits” are so interesting. They all make a lot of sense; if you were to do them, they wouldn’t take much time. However, isn’t it fascinating how some of these seemingly simple things are challenging for so many?

    Handling mail daily and creating a DOABLE to-do list are some of the challenges my clients struggle with most often. I recognize that I LOVE processing mail, which is probably different from the norm. My Dad did, too. I enjoy ‘triaging’ mail because it makes me think of him.

    Another commonly seen challenge is an overloaded to-do list. Part of that concerns challenges around time awareness and unrealistic thinking. Knowing how long a task will take and pairing that with the time you have to accomplish it are two distinct skills. For some, this is easier than for others. The other piece is thinking you can get more done in a day than is realistic. So, getting very clear about those aspects can improve the success rate of your to-do list.

    1. I love that triaging mail makes you think of your Dad!! That is so special. 🙂

      I agree that these habits come more easily to some than others. The good news is that these habits can be practices and improved. Like so many of the things we do in life, new habits take some focused attention, and probably also some direction. I have sought help for many of the things I now do with ease, and I think of these in a similar fashion. Do what you can, and where you struggle, get some assistance!

  5. This is all great advice, but the first video really resonated. My family laughs at me — ever since I was a child, the highlight of my day is getting the mail. Even if all I’m expecting is junk mail or bills (even insurance premiums!), I love getting the mail, tossing the exterior envelopes and “shiny stuff” (the inserts), and putting the action-oriented email in chronological order. I’m goofy that way, but I think it gives me a sense of mastery over not only my financials, but all the information in my life. I’m with you — answer mail call and triage that stuff!

    And I remember what a big deal they made of pushing in our chairs when we were in elementary school, so I’m always bit agog when people get up and walk away without pushing in their chairs. (It’s like randomly leaving cabinets or doors open and forgotten!)

    Great advice!
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    1. The chair/stool thing is funny, because it does have a big impact on the way a space both looks and functions. Plus, sometimes when you go to push in a chair or stool, you get motivated to also put away the items you have placed on them, so maybe a double win!

  6. The kitchen counter is a big one for us. And the chair/stool too. And these little side tables we have. Ahhh.. I love little videos to help.

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