Lighten Up! Tips for Letting Go in 2024 – Tires

Animated tire with a thumbs up, female memoji winking. Lighten Up! Tips for Letting Go in 2024 – Tires

Today in our “Lighten Up” Challenge we are going to address an item that is truly heavy: tires. Tires end up in garages, basements, and sheds for a variety of reasons, and because of their size, they soak up a lot of space. These are worth getting rid of if you aren’t going to use them.

Removing tires from your space can be challenging because:

  • They are heavy to lift.
  • They are large to move.
  • They don’t fit in a trashcan.
  • They can’t be put into traditional single-stream recycling.
  • In some states they are illegal to put into a landfill.

So, what should we do with old tires?

Crafty folks might choose to repurpose old tires. Here are a couple of images to get your creative juices flowing on what might be possible.

Make a dog bed.

Source: Practically Functional


Make a sandbox.

Source: Ideas2live4


Make a hose caddy.

Source: Root Simple


If you have the right kind of tree, there is always the good old “tire swing” as well.

However, if repurposing doesn’t excite you, and all you want to do is get rid of them, there are a couple of choices.

First touch base with your local municipality or town. For those who live in Southwestern CT, I suggest you ask your local transfer station. The Darien facility does accept old tires. The Stamford Scale House will also accept tires, but you will need to pay $10/tire. The Norwalk Recycling Center charges $5/tire. Be aware that the rims must typically be removed prior to drop off.

If you have trouble finding a local resource, check out Earth911. At the bottom of the linked page is a Recycling Locator, where you can select your material (e.g., tires), and type in your zip code.

Rubber recyclers are able to use old tires for rubberized asphalt, playground mulch, road embankments, or even as material for new tires.

If you still can’t find a place to drop your tires, or if you aren’t able to lift them and get them to a recycling center, a junk hauler is probably your best option. Be prepared to pay a small extra fee per tire.

Going forward, know that tire retailers will typically recycle your old tires for you when you get new ones.

*     *     *

Removing a couple of old tires from your garage will free up significant space. Do you have any hanging around?

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17 thoughts on “Lighten Up! Tips for Letting Go in 2024 – Tires”

  1. I love these creative ideas for repurposing tires! That bright pink dog bed is something else.

    A while back we ended up with a few extra tires. I don’t remember the exact circumstance, but somehow we had two good tires that no longer fit our cars. My husband thought he could sell them, so they sat in the garage (taking up a lot of space) for a long while. Eventually he got rid of them. I think it was during one of our tag sales.

    You shared excellent resources for recycling tires. So if we ever end up with extra tires again, I’ll go that route.:) Thanks for the great advice!

    1. I often find them in homes that people have purchased, left by previous owners. It used to be more common, I think, to switch out regular and snow tires.

      I loved that dog bed too – people are so creative!!

    1. We have a dog who likes to hang his head out of his soft bed and put it on the floor! Isn’t that funny? I just enjoy seeing people’s creative ideas. Color is completely optional 🙂

  2. Oooh, I have one more solution that was always popular in Buffalo. Because people have snow tires and tires for the rest of the year, some people have their off-season tires stored at the tire shop. (I’m not sure how that works? A rental? I moved away before I had a car with snow tires.) But my parents always had an off-season set of tires against the front wall of the garage to ensure that when someone was driving in, there was a bumper/buffer before hitting the wall. It was great when I was learning to drive, as I could get far enough in not to worry about the rear of the car getting hit by the garage door, but never had to worry about hitting the front wall.

    I’m loving your series!
    Julie Bestry recently posted…Paper Doll Shares 12 Kinds of Paper To Declutter NowMy Profile

    1. That is a terrific idea, Julie! Tires would make the perfect bumper, especially for those who have children learning to drive who might misjudge the distance.

      I have a dent in the door of my garage refrigerator from a young driver. Amazingly (because this is one of those old, never die appliances), it still works!

  3. What great ideas for repurposing tires. I have my new tires put on at a gas station or other tire place and they recycle the old tires for me. Of course if you are on the road that isn’t and option. Thanks for the tips.


  4. Hey there! This article is really brilliant!

    I had no idea old tires could be repurposed in so so many creative ways. Maybe it’s because I’m a little bit of a “straightforward” person, I don’t know, lol. However, it’s amazing how something as simple as a tire can be given a new life!

    Do you have any other innovative ideas for repurposing old tires? Those ideas and DIY projects to reduce waste and get creative with recycling are always good to know.
    Nikolay Georgiev Nachkov recently posted…When Should You Replace the Tires? Warning Signs to Observe.My Profile

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