Lighten Up! Tips for Letting Go in 2024 – Photo Albums

Hand holding a photo album, female memoji with hearts around her face. Lighten Up! Tips for Letting Go in 2024 – Photo Albums

As we begin the second week of “Light Up: Tips for Letting Go in 2023” I’m going to be talking about photo albums.

This is a tough one. Photo albums are full of heart-touching images. I never pressure people to get rid of things, especially sentimental items that cannot be replaced.

Nevertheless, sometimes we need to let go. Maybe we need to downsize and there just isn’t space for two shelves of photo albums. Perhaps we inherited boxes of photo albums, the contents of which aren’t even in good shape.

I am not a photo organizing specialist, but there are people who focus on this area. If you need help getting on top of your photo collection – digital or printed – visit The Photo Managers. They have lots of helpful advice, along with a search function to find a pro in your area.

In the meantime, if you are wondering what to do what your old magnetic photo albums (you know, the ones with the sticky pages that were popular in the 70s, 80s, and 90s…) check out this post from my friend and fellow organizer Andi Willis.

Andi walks you through the steps for rescuing the photos that you want from these old books. Which ones might you decide to toss? Good candidates for disposal include photographs that are:

  • Blurry
  • Duplicates
  • Full of people or places you know little-to-nothing about
  • Mostly of landscapes or landmarks
  • Unflattering
  • Images that you make you sad or bring up bad memories

In spite of the current trend to photograph everything, when it comes to nostalgia, a little goes a long way.

Once you have rescued the images you love from your old photo books, they can be scanned and stored digitally, and/or printed into a new/condensed photo book. The remaining images, along with the old books, should go into the trashcan.

*     *     *

Depending on quantity, sorting through accumulated photo albums is probably more than a one-day job. This one is a good candidate to spread out over time, working a bit at a time. I had one client who brought a stack of around 10 photos from a box to breakfast each morning to review with his wife. Not only did they reduce their collection significantly, but they had a lot of fun in the process.

Do you have old photo albums in your space? Have you wondered what to do with them?

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6 thoughts on “Lighten Up! Tips for Letting Go in 2024 – Photo Albums”

  1. Great tips. Another project for a snowy day. I have a lot of these. I wasn’t good about sorting and organizing photos when I got them and definitely kept too many of the same kind. I’ll put it on the list.

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