Holiday Organizing Tips

Seana of The Seana Method in a Santa hat giving holiday organizing tips.

The holidays are upon us, and I hope you are finding some moments of joys in the middle of this busy time. This week I’ve got four holiday organizing tips to help you have a smoother, more pleasant holiday season.





Do you use any of these tips? Which holiday organizing tip would you add?

18 thoughts on “Holiday Organizing Tips”

  1. I cannot tell you how many panicked, Looking for Gift Cards, moments we have had. So yeah, that’s the big one for me! And we usually have to make little stations with tape, scissors, labels, markers, etc. and this year we have to make sure it’s not accessible to wandering toddler hands.
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  2. These are some good, less-often-talked-about tips! I would add to #2 to write down not only the recipient of the gift card, but the giver. It’s easy to forget who gave to whom which gift card. I suppose it’s less important if the giver is right there to thank in person, but some under-the-tree gifts are from loved ones who aren’t right there.
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  3. Loved the videos – removing gifts from blister packs and putting in the batteries can be a real game changer and I also loved the idea of sending hostess gifts ahead. I have done that occasionally, but it is a good reminder.

  4. These are all smart pieces of advice, and though I don’t have any “jingle clothes” (which is a great name for them), I can definitely see how essential it is to set aside a location to store them during the season and then through the year.

    The gift card advice is key! I have an old wallet that I use just for gift cards. I’m a singleton and don’t observe Christmas, so I’m not having to keep track of anyone else’s cards in the short term, but in the long term, knowing there’s only one possible place makes it far more likely I’ll actually use the gift.

    And OMG, those getting rid of blister packs and putting the batteries IN the toys before wrapping should be the final chapter in What to Expect When you’re Expecting! 😉

    And now I can’t wait to travel again so I can start sending hostess gifts. Stellar advice!

    1. I got onto sending the hostess gift ahead when we were traveling for the holidays and staying with my husband’s family. I just had too much on my mind to remember to bring to think about that at packing time. I got in the habit of sending a food gift ahead, and the retailer kindly reminded me each year to send it again. It was easy and always popular!

  5. Nice tips! Taking the blister pack off and putting batteries in toys is an amazing idea. It cuts down on tears on Christmas morning and also cuts down on parental frustration when the scissors aren’t at hand or there are no AAA batteries in the house. Great idea!

  6. What great holiday tips, delivered in video form! Love them!

    I never heard the term “jingle wear” before and love that so much. I have a few pieces, but not enough for a bin. However, what a fantastic idea to have a designated jingle wear basket or bin. So fun!

    Your gift card idea is also brilliant. And I like the additions from the comments about adding the givers name to the envelope too.

    But the one I loved the most (and am going to try,) is sending the hostess gift in advance. I’ve heard of doing that, but never have. It’s such a great idea because that way you can focus more on BEING present when visitng, rather than giving presents. Love it!

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