Make A Fresh Start – Day 2

Seana peeking out from behind a stack of food storage containers

Welcome back to my month-long series, “Make a Fresh Start.” I love when the second day of a new year falls on a Saturday. It takes some of the pressure off of needing to jump right back into the work routine. It also means you may have time today for a little project, and this one is sure to make you smile.

Do you have a mismatched collection of food storage containers? Most people do. We acquire them over time, some intentionally, others via take-out, doggie “bags,” or food gifts. The result is that many of us have trouble neatly storing and accessing food storage containers and their matching lids. In addition, it makes for a rather messy looking drawer or cabinet.

If you really want to fix this situation, I suggest you do a purge. Go to wherever you keep your food storage containers and pitch anything that is old, stained, bent, missing its lid, odd-sized, warped, or otherwise less than desirable. If your entire collection is old and tired, go one step further and start with a completely new set. Consider a collection that has three sizes (small, medium, and large), and suits your taste. Some people prefer glass while others like the versatility of plastic. This is a personal choice. Regardless of material, clear is a must!

Wipe out the cabinet where you store these supplies, and then restock them in an organized fashion. You can nest like-sized containers and place the matching lids underneath. Or, you can buy an organizer such as this to hold the lids. There are many ways to store these, but all of them are easier when you have a unified set.

Food storage containers are best kept in a pull-out drawer or lower cabinet shelf where they won’t topple out and come crashing down on your head. You can see more ideas on how to store these and other kitchen items on my “Kitchen Organizing” Pinterest board.

Today’s project won’t take you very long, but it will make a big difference the next time you reach for a container. You really will feel that you’ve made a fresh start with this one!

Do you have a collection of storage container odds and ends? Would you consider starting over with an entirely new set?

10 thoughts on “Make A Fresh Start – Day 2”

  1. I only keep Rubbermaid nesting food storage with the stackable lids (glassware and plasticware) but I don’t cook, so I I probably NEVER have had more than two in the fridge at any time. (I store them in a high cupboard, since it’s so rare I need access. But you prompted me to grab my Pandemic-acquired step-stool to get up there and make sure there were no extras. I’m good, but now I’m decluttering the extra water bottles that live in that same cabinet.

    Thanks for the reminder, and happy new year!
    Julie Bestry recently posted…Paper Doll Wraps Up, Declutters, and Updates 2020My Profile

    1. Ooooh, water bottles is a category that always needs decluttering, right? I’m with you about needing the step stool. I can only reach the lower two shelves in my kitchen cabinets.

  2. Cassidy started over with this! It gets bad bad bad. He bought a whole system and he put them high up so that he’s still the one in control, and not the kids. ha!

    1. It is funny how this can become quite the mess, right? I was inspired to offer the idea of starting over by a Business Partner who did that very thing. He felt like Superman when he was finished, and it was so easy to do! Tell Cassidy I’m giving him a virtual high five!

  3. I did that very thing when I cleaned out my kitchen after being stuck at home because of Covid. It’s been almost a year so I probably should look at that again. Thanks for the reminder.

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