Make A Fresh Start – Day 1

Seana sitting with a pile of books.

Happy New Year, and welcome to my series called “Make a Fresh Start.” If we ever needed a new year to begin, this is it, right? I know I am ready to put 2020 in the rearview mirror and move forward.

All month long I am going to be sharing ideas for how to make a fresh start in your life. We will begin by looking at ways to start afresh with your belongings… your stuff. After spending some “quality time” in our homes over the past year, many of us are looking around with the desire to clear out and lighten up.  Today we will start with a decluttering task that is easy to do and can be very rewarding: books!

More specifically, today’s goal is to get rid of the books you’ve been holding onto, but that you know you will never read. Maybe they are books you purchased, but are no longer interested in. Or, they are books that were given to you and never really struck your fancy. Often, we have books which we started, didn’t really enjoy, quit reading, and then put back on the shelf. Possessions like these come along with a feeling of “should,” and that is never a good thing. Other than required reading (e.g. for school or work), you are free to read – or not read – whatever you want.

Now is the time to clear your personal library of any books that, for ANY REASON, you do not wish to read. Why not start 2021 with a collection of books that you want to read, that you are looking forward to reading?

Books are truly the ultimate reusable, and many local charities, schools, and libraries will take them. It’s always a good idea to call ahead before lugging books around, especially given pandemic restrictions.

I like packing them in sturdy bags with handles for easy transport. If you end up with a large quantity of books and don’t feel like hauling them away yourself, schedule a pickup with an organization such as the Vietnam Vets. They will come and retrieve your donations right from your home.

I’m cheering you on as you tackle your books today! Here’s to kicking off a new year with a fresh start!

7 thoughts on “Make A Fresh Start – Day 1”

  1. Love this one. My friends convinced me to start on Kindle books. I love the clutter fred way to read. Takes a while to get used to fge device vs book in hand. But I love the lack of piles of books left in my wake!

    1. Yes, I’m migrating to using my kindle more as well. I like the Paperwhite one for the beach especially, and whenever I am traveling it is so much easier than lugging books. I still like the “hand feel” of paper books, but I don’t buy and keep many anymore. I’ve also become a big fan of audiobooks and borrowing from the library.

  2. Good start! I’ve been a major library girl for years now, and Cassidy doesn’t really.. read but I did this with the kids’ books last night! They had a floor to ceiling overflowing book shelf and I put it into four piles:
    1. Scarlet’s for her new room
    2. Des’ for his new room
    3. Baby or toddler books they outgrew that can now be in Rider’s room
    4. Donate to a local little library

    It was so much fun to go through all that inventory!

    1. I’m clapping and cheering for you over here, Tamara. That is terrific! The kids will start off with everything in order in their new spaces. That is going to be so fun!

  3. I didn’t know Vietnam Vets took books. I have tons of books I would like to get rid of. Some I can donate to our local library. Some others would better be donated out. I’ll have a look.

    1. The Vietnam Vets will come to your door and pickup almost anything (except large furniture). They are so easy to use and you feel good about helping the vets!

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