Make a Fresh Start – Day 19

Seana turning on a task light at her desk.

Today we continue our consideration of how to “Make a Fresh Start” in 2021. I have one more thought about how to make your space feel fresh, and it has to do with lighting.

Ask any home stager, merchandiser, architect, photographer, social media mogul, or model, and they will tell you that lighting matters. When it comes to our living spaces, we have a couple of needs to address:

1. General lighting

This lighting brightens a room and is best achieved by pot or “can” lights spread throughout a room’s ceiling, a central overhead light, or lighted ceiling fan.

2. Task lighting

This is focused lighting that shines in a specific area for the purpose of making a workspace efficient. Options here include desk lamps, reading lamps, pendants, and chandeliers.

3. Environmental or Atmospheric lighting

This type of lighting is soft and low wattage. The purpose of these lights is to create a pleasant atmosphere. Lighting in this category consists primarily of table lamps or lamps that sit on furniture or shelves. Dimmable lights can also warm a room. When you aren’t focused on a task, but simply want to sit and relax in a space, these are the lights that add ambiance.

Today’s challenge is to look at your space and consider where an addition or change in lighting is needed. Maybe a room is too dark, with a lonely lamp in the corner that is not bright enough. Or, the only lighting you have is overhead lighting shining so harshly into a room that it makes it difficult to watch TV.

Some lighting projects require the assistance of an electrician, while others may involve a trip to Home Goods. Make a list of all the changes you would like to make, and then prioritize what you will work on first.

Is there a room in your space whose lighting could use some tweaking?

Make a Fresh Start logo, a plant with a fresh green leaf.