Make a Fresh Start – Day 18

Seana pointing at the back of a door, a place where you can store things.

Hello and welcome back to “Make A Fresh Start.” All month long we are talking about simple habits and tips for improving your life in 2021.

Keeping with the theme of starting fresh with your space, today I am suggesting that you add storage to an under-utilized space. Here are commonly overlooked storage locations:

  • Back of a door
  • Corners and awkward spaces
  • Under the bed
  • Walls
  • Overhead space in a room with high ceilings
  • Unused space in a cabinet with too few shelves
  • Behind or under large furniture
  • Between the studs

If you feel like you are out of space, the challenge today is to do a quick walk around your space and identify a location that isn’t being used to its maximum potential. Then, consider adding storage to that space.  For example:

  • Hang an over-the-door rack to the back of a door
  • Add hooks, shelving, or a piece of furniture to a corner and awkward spaces
  • Slide a few shallow bins under the bed
  • Hang hooks, towel bars, or a bulletin board on a wall
  • Install shelving or hang a rack in an overhead space
  • Add shelves to a cabinet or closet, either built-in or with a free-standing shelf riser
  • Tuck large and flat items behind or under large furniture (e.g. table leaves, poster board, artwork, etc.)
  • Store tall/ thin items between the studs in a garage and anchor them in place with a bungee cord.

These are just a few ideas. As you look around, you may identify more.

One caution: I always say don’t waste time organizing what you should be shedding. Taking advantage of every inch is terrific, but don’t keep what you don’t love and/or use. Remember, too much of anything is hard to enjoy.

Too much of anything is hard to enjoy.

Where could you gain a bit of storage today?

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