Make a Fresh Start – Day 14

Seana wearing gloves to talk about clearing out your car's glove compartment.

We are almost halfway through the first month of 2021. Have you “Made a Fresh Start” yet? If not, it isn’t too late. Today I’m shifting focus to talk about ways to start fresh with regards to your space.

Let’s begin by talking about a small space that we tend to overstuff and underutilize: the glove compartment in your car. One quick little project you can do is clear this space out and bring its contents up to date.

Begin by taking everything out of your glove compartment. You might find it easiest to corral the contents in a bag and bring it into your home where you can spread out items on a sorting surface like a kitchen island or table. Once the space is empty, wipe it out with a damp cloth.

Now do a bit of sorting. First, pitch any trash you may have collected. Next, sort “like with like.” You will probably find a collection of old insurance and/or registration cards. You may also have pens, tissues, sunglasses, paperwork/manuals for your automobile, straws, change, an inspection/emissions report, or a variety of other items. When it comes to official documents, shred the ones that have expired, and keep the most current document of each type. If you wish, you can put the papers together in a resealable plastic bag.

Once the critical paperwork is restored to your space, evaluate how much room you have left for other belongings. Remember that you want this space to be easy to access and not so full that the contents tumble to the floor of the car when you open it.

If your space is tight, relocate some items to other locations. Cars often have storage in all four doors, in the center console, behind the driver and passenger seats, and in the trunk or rear cargo area. Some also have lift-top storage areas. Make sure to consider all your options.

It is common to run across some items that don’t belong in the car at all. They end up in the glove box because it was a temporarily convenient storage location. Now is the time to move these to a more appropriate storage area.

Resetting your glove compartment won’t change your life, but it might make you feel better about your car. Every little step counts, right? Some of you might get motivated to clean out your whole car after you do the glove compartment… more power to you! It isn’t the size of the project, but the feeling of empowerment that comes from bringing order into a space that is under our control.

When is the last time you cleared out your glove box? Will you give it a try today?

See you tomorrow to talk more about refreshing your space.

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4 thoughts on “Make a Fresh Start – Day 14”

  1. Great idea. I haven’t clean mine out in years, and the whole car could use a cleaning out. I’m sure there are things in my trunk I don’t need also. You are causing me to reflect on things I would not have otherwise. Thanks for the suggestion.

    1. Once you get started with the glove compartment, you may end up moving throughout the car. This happens with home organizing as well. It all feels good!

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