Polly’s Charging Cord

Woman looks in a drawer for her charging cord.

Do you ever lose track of your charging cord? Have you carried your cord around and then forgotten where you last used it? Do family members sometimes “borrow” you cord and then not return it? If so, then maybe you can relate to Polly this month.

Polly searches for her charging cord.

Have you ever lost track of your charging cord? How do you ensure you have it when you need it?

18 thoughts on “Polly’s Charging Cord”

  1. I am actually pretty good with my charging cord, but my kids on the other hand with the charging cord for their iPads is another story and they could totally relate it Polly!! ?

    1. Label those iPad cords, right? Maybe give them each one in a different color. This is a battle that so many of us fight, especially those of who carry our cords around. Hugs to your sweet girls!!

    1. Right? Doesn’t it seem that pretty much everyone has this drawer (or bin or box)? We all seem to have a low-level fear of letting them go because we might need them. Of course, when you have the old connection for your apple iPod that hasn’t worked for 5 years, it’s okay to toss it!

    1. Lots of my Mom clients struggle with their kids taking their cords and walking away with them. After reading Nancy’s post this week, I’m thinking everyone needs a color-coordinating cord… or a colored label or something. Most people have that drawer (or a box) of cords that they are afraid to pitch, and I know I’ve left charging cords at hotels on the bedside table. Keeping track of these is a full time job!

    1. Multiple cables can be a great solution, and you are organized, so you know where they all are. Nothing so frustrating as needing your cord and not being able to find it, right Sabrina?

  2. Yes, it’s annoying! Well I have one I won’t lend out at all. Then we have a kitchen one. Then Cassidy has some in the cars and one at work. Our kids don’t have them.. yet. Whew.

  3. Cute. I gave everyone in my family a wireless charging stand for Christmas last year. Mine sits on my nightstand. I have a charging cord in my office and my car. That’s all I need and I leave them there so I don’t lose them.

    1. I was just talking with a client about those. They are definitely an improvement over cords, so I look forward to those proliferating. Not only are they less messy, but they don’t walk away quite so easily:)

  4. I treat my cords similarly to how I manage my eyeglasses. I have multiple ones that get stored in strategic places. I have three cables for my iPad and iPhone. One stays plugged into my desktop to charge those devices when I return home, one stays in my car (I can use that to charge both devices,) and a third set stays with my “cord travel kit” so I can grab and pack it when I’m away. I don’t move the cords around that much, other than the travel ones. It makes things more straightforward to locate them.

  5. This is one of those items (like scissors) where it’s best to have one for each place. I have one in the car, one in the bedroom, and one in the kitchen. (There’s only one of me in the home, so that should suffice.) Over the years, I’ve tended to remove one or more to take when I travel, and though I’m frugal, I’ve decided it makes more sense to have charging cables JUST for travel. They stay in my carry-on, and I never have to worry I’ve forgotten to pack them.

    Great comic!

    1. I love the idea of having one that is just for travel. I think I need to invest in that so I don’t need to take one out of its normal spot!

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