Pandemic Organizing Activities

As Covid-19 spreads, we are all hunkering down and practicing social distancing. Enforced time at home may seem unproductive, but this is the perfect time to tackle a few organizing projects. Not sure where to start? Here are a few simple ideas!

Organizing activities you can do while stuck at home during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Are you doing any organizing during this unusual time? What would you add to this list?

22 thoughts on “Pandemic Organizing Activities”

  1. I have started organizing my kitchen cabinets and pantry this past week. I also have a few more areas in the home I would like to straighten up and tackle. So, I agree this time is perfect for doing just that. Thanks for the further suggestions, as well. I hope you and your family are doing OK during this time.

    1. I think people who find organizing and cleaning to be a calming exercise will be tackling projects for the next couple of weeks. I know I will be tackling some boxes of paper in my attic. It just feels good to feel that we have control over something, right? STAY HEALTHY!!

  2. The interesting thing is that cleaning and organizing are calming activities. So particularly with the stress and anxiety that is accompanying the world crisis right now, we all need to find ways to create some calm and control. It can come from organizing a closet, going for a walk, chatting via phone, text, video chat with a loved one, meditating or many other activities. I like your organized, organizing chart with so many great suggestions. Stay safe. Stay healthy.
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    1. I think it is important for people to be doing the things that calm them right now. Some may journal, some may go for a walk, some may read, some may binge watch, and SOME may find that decluttering helps them feel better. A cluttered house can add to stress, so if it this makes you feel better, go for it. AND, if the family wants to get involved, even better, because then everyone has put some “skin in the game” and might be more inclined to keep the system in place going forward! BE HEALTHY my friend!

    1. Still chilly up here in CT, but I’m planning to bundle up and go out later to spread some fertilizer. Often we have snow in March, so glad for the milder temperatures. We need to do some repairs in my garden as well, but don’t have the supplies on hand, so not sure if we can get those or not. Day by day!

  3. I agree! I asked my friends, clients, colleagues, and family, “what areas are you cleaning or organizing this weekend?” on social media yesterday and got some fantastic answers. Some had their kids at their grandparents’ homes, so they have time to declutter from Christmas. Others cleared out pantry areas and overall spring cleaning. It was fascinating and so lovely to reconnect with others online again. Overall, people were taking advantage of their time off from day to day activities to make their home a better place to be.

    Over the years, I found that people leave their homes more often because they don’t like their home, or their home makes them stressed. Taking the time to clear out and minimize helps them reconnect to their space.
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    1. This can be a time to finally tackle those projects that we have been putting off. I have boxes of paper up in my attic that I am hoping to get my husband to look at with me. I can’t imagine there will be a better time than now!

    1. Trying to keep things in perspective and provide a bit of levity. After all, organizing and declutter CAN be fun, right? We all know that!

  4. ha! We still have Halloween candy, if you can believe that.
    We really do believe in making the best of this, so there’s been a lot of garage and basement cleaning, room organizing, and even early gardening. We usually can’t safely plant things here until May because we still get so many frosts, but there’s a lot of yard work and prep you can do. It almost feels normal sometimes when we’re all just playing outside and gardening and getting away from the news.

    1. That is the weird thing, it does feel ALMOST normal. I said to my husband, what amazes me is how normal things are, given everything that is going on. A mere 40 years ago and life sure would have been different. No internet, no Amazon, no Facetime. We are the same planting zone as you.. I bet you are having snow right now too? I’d love to get out and work in the garden, but a few more weeks to wait. We were able to clear away some of the detritus of winter, though, which looks good:) Stay healthy up there!!

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