“Selfie-Discipline” #4- Put Shoes Away

One of the most common sources of clutter in high-use areas is the pile-up of shoes. We walk in, step out of our shoes, and then leave them there. Even when we have bins, drawers, and closets, we seem to resist putting shoes completely away in the moment. After all, we are going to be putting them back on soon, so why bother?

The good news is that clearing away shoes is a simple job that has a big impact. At the end of the day, grab shoes and put them where they belong. Everyday shoes may live in the mudroom or a bin near the door, while “specialty” shoes (e.g. dressy shoes) should go back to the bedroom closet. Muddy shoes like cleats and boots can be kept in the garage or on a tray in a closet or hallway.

Putting shoes away is easy – even children can do it. So, get the kids involved! This one simple daily habit will greatly improve both the look and function of your entry.

Do you have a pileup of shoes in your entry? Will you try putting shoes away once a day?

6 thoughts on ““Selfie-Discipline” #4- Put Shoes Away”

  1. My kids are notorious for this one. I am constantly sweeping up shoes at the end of the day to put them away. I will say as for myself I hate leaving things like that out, so I usually will put my shoes away once I take them off to put my slippers on around the house. But again, it is the kids that I have to remind like 10 times over. But do agree this one is fairly easy if you actually do it unlike my girls LOL 😉
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    1. I find that most kids are like this. I see the shoes in all of my clients homes. Spouses can also be contributors. It is a good habit to work on, because children’s shoes just get BIGGER as the years pass, meaning the pileup is more intrusive. Maybe it just becomes part of the bedtime routine to take them all back upstairs?

  2. It’s the worst in this household! They’re all thrown everywhere. Last night Cassidy couldn’t even open the front door to get in the house because one of Des’ boots was in the way and jammed it!
    This is a big room for improvement in the new year for us!
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    1. I have a client who has an entry closet but can never access it because of shoes getting dropped in front. This problem only gets worse, because children’s shoes get BIGGER as they grow. I have to say it is funny thinking about the door jamming on Des’ boot, though. It always helps to laugh, right?

  3. I am sometimes guilty of this but I have gotten better about it. I usually take off my shoes in the bedroom and that makes it easier to put them away as I’m near the closet. It is a good habit-it’s easy to trip over shoes when they are in the wrong place and you are not expecting the to be there.

    1. That is such a great point, Dianne. Shoes ARE a tripping hazard! It is easy to not see them and catch your foot as you go by. Taking them off in the bedroom is a great option, especially if you have a first floor bedroom!

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