“Selfie-Discipline” #3 – Clean the Kitchen Counter

The kitchen counter is a busy surface. We use it to cook, study, play, eat, and more. Unfortunately, a counter that is crowded is not very functional. Cleaning the kitchen counter every day is one way we can keep kitchen clutter at bay.

The secret behind this “selfie discipline” is that you cannot effectively clean a surface unless it is empty. Therefore, by making yourself clean the entire counter, you will also prompt yourself to put away whatever has piled up in the previous 24 hours.

Resist the urge to stack items up in order to clean the counter. Make yourself take anything that has landed on the counter back to its rightful home. By performing this task once each day, you help prevent the perpetually accumulating items from becoming an overwhelming pile.

Do you clean your kitchen counter every day? Does it force you to put things away or do you stack them up?

11 thoughts on ““Selfie-Discipline” #3 – Clean the Kitchen Counter”

    1. After dinner is the perfect time to clean the counters. It is sanitary, and gives you the chance to clear away the day’s accumulated items!

  1. I am good at this. I clean my counters every night after dinner. Some things live there and I wish I could change that but I do keep it clean and neat.

    1. Way to go, Dianne! Doesn’t it feel great to get your counter cleaned every day. Lots of people have a small pile on the kitchen counter. But if you can get the rest clear and clean each day, you are doing great!

  2. Ours got so terrible over the last few days because we had four house guests and a New Year’s party. So you can imagine the disarray. All clean tonight!

    1. Well, most of these selfie-disciplines get set aside when company is visiting. That time is so precious, so you just have to kick back and enjoy. I’m sure you and Cassidy had it all snapped back into shape in no time:)

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