“Selfie-Discipline” #26 – Touch Up Paint

It might sound more like maintenance than organizing, but touching up paint annually is a great “selfie discipline,” even if you hire someone else to do it. For one thing, fresh paint instantly makes a space feel crisp and ordered. The smell alone can make you feel like you are in a new room. Additionally, in order to paint a space, you often need to move items out of the way, which triggers you to take a look at your belongings and do a bit of decluttering.

During the year, keep a digital or physical note where you jot down any spots in your space that you notice need touching up. This could be a crack in the window trim, damage in a stairwell, an area that suffered water damage, etc. Then, once a year, prioritize this fix.

If your touch-ups require you to move belongings away from the wall, all the better! Use this opportunity to take a discriminating look at whatever you have moved. Don’t automatically put it all back to where it was. If you are painting an entire room, consider whether you might like to switch up the layout to make the room function better.

How often do you touch up the paint in your home? Has painting a space helped you to declutter it?

5 thoughts on ““Selfie-Discipline” #26 – Touch Up Paint”

  1. We hire ours done and it is ready now. However I think the idea of making a note of where it needs it is great. I never thought of that. Thanks.

    1. Keeping a note tucked away to record needed touch-ups helps because we notice things all year long. In contrast, if the pressure is one to “find” what needs to be done, we are liable to miss spots.

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