“Selfie-Discipline” #25 – Sweep Out Storage Areas

Storage areas tend to attract clutter. We open the door and shove stuff in, but rarely go back and cull through them. One way to “make ourselves” tackle this task is by sweeping them out. In order to sweep (or vacuum) the floor, we have to move things out of the way. Moving things out of the space is the first step in the decluttering process.

As you pull items out, place them in an area with good lighting, and group similar objects together. Seeing how many we have of various items is helpful in deciding what to keep and what to shed. Open up bins and boxes and have a look inside. You may come across some containers that will require “slow review,” which is fine. Those can be tackled one at a time in the future.

Remove anything that you don’t like, are not using, or are unlikely to use in the future. Be honest about the likelihood of repairing broken items; good intentions often result in clutter.

Now give the space a sweep or vacuum and reload. Label containers before you put them back. This will make the process much quicker next year!

How long has it been since you last swept out your garage, attic and/or storage closets?

4 thoughts on ““Selfie-Discipline” #25 – Sweep Out Storage Areas”

  1. My husband is good about sweeping our garage out and we try to clean the storage closet there once a year. Again it will have to wait until summer when the weather is better but it’s on our list.

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