“Selfie-Discipline” #22 – Switch Out Seasonal Supplies

Today we finish our week of seasonal “Selfie-Disciplines” by focusing on our clothing and accessories.

Many people have limited closet/drawer space and switch around clothing and supplies when the seasons change. For example, the bulky sweaters move to a high shelf or storage bin when the tank tops come out. It is smart to keep the clothing we most frequently wear within easy reach.

In addition to clothing, we may want to give some thought to shoes and accessories. For instance, we might pack the snow boots away in the spring to make space for flip-flops and garden shoes. Likewise, it might make sense to switch out the ski clothing for the wet suits and beach towels. Keeping a donation bag handy during this process makes it easy to remove anything we no longer wear.

If you are fortunate and have large closets, you may be able to leave your belongings in the same place all year. If this is your situation, your seasonal activity can be to simply wipe down the closet rods and shelves to keep the space fresh and to discourage insects.

Do you switch out items seasonally?

3 thoughts on ““Selfie-Discipline” #22 – Switch Out Seasonal Supplies”

  1. I am fortunate to leave my clothes where they are all year but-Irarely wipe down the whelves and rods. I guess I’d better get on that!

    1. I can leave my clothes all year as well, but on a recent clean out, I was so pleased with how fresh everything looked and smelled. Who would have thought so much dust could accumulate in a closet?

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