“Selfie-Discipline” #18 – Schedule A Donation Pickup

Sometimes the best motivator is a deadline. If you have been wanting to declutter and donate some belongings, why not give yourself a deadline by scheduling a donation pickup? Donating is easier now than ever, as many charities will come and pick up donations at your home for free.

Circulating items OUT is very important for keeping your space organized. Set up a “to donate” bin in a convenient location in your home, and invite everyone in your home to contribute any items they no longer use and/or want. About once a quarter (or more often if you need), donate whatever has accumulated. You may have local charities where you can drop off, or you can go online and schedule a national organization such as the Vietnam Veterans, Big Brother/Big Sister, or the Salvation Army to come to you.

Scheduling a pickup is easy. You will typically be asked to submit a form with your location, where on your property the items will be waiting, and roughly how many containers you plan on donating. Put your donations out early on the morning of your pick-up, and the charity will leave you a receipt for tax purposes.

Simply knowing that the charity is arriving “tomorrow” is often enough to get us up and hunting for things to let go.

Have you ever scheduled a pickup?

10 thoughts on ““Selfie-Discipline” #18 – Schedule A Donation Pickup”

  1. I love that idea of scheduling it – totally holds you accountable. If I think of anyone coming up our terrible driveway, they sure are going to leave with something!

    1. This is a particularly useful tool for those who struggle to initiate decluttering. Knowing someone will be coming alleviates the perceived “burden” of shedding, and it adds a pop of a deadline to encourage you. When I work with clients who have a lot, I suggest we schedule a couple so that we have a built in method for donating whatever we come up with.

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