“Selfie-Discipline” #17 – Refresh Display Boards

Most people have a space where they tack up notes, jokes, photos, schedules, inspirational thoughts and the like. It may be a bulletin board, the front of the refrigerator, or even just a section of a wall. While handy to have, they can quickly get out of control. The secret is to follow a few simple guidelines:

First, completely clear your space about every three months. Literally, take everything off. If appropriate, wipe the surface clean. Trash/recycle anything that is no longer relevant, looks tattered, has faded from sun exposure, or no longer applies.

Second, rehang items in your space. Remember to leave breathing space between pieces (never overlap!), and use enough support so items hang straight rather than crooked.

Lastly, add a few new pieces to your area. Display boards work best when their content is fresh. We may have a few “favorites” that we always keep up, but it is wise to keep switching up a few items so your brain keeps paying attention.

A little project like this takes minutes, but can have a huge impact on the look and feel of your space.

Do you have a display or bulletin board? When is the last time you refreshed it?