Polly’s Photos

Do you have a phone full of photos? Do you struggle to find the one you want? Polly is having the same problem.

Polly's digital photos are very disorganized.

Can you relate to Polly’s frustration? Are your digital photos well organized?

22 thoughts on “Polly’s Photos”

  1. Ugh! As far as I can tell, EVERYONE has this problem…unless they are among the few who routinely de-clutter their recent photos….which is really easy to do when you realize most of them are duplicates, or utilitarian (where did I park my car?), or blurry…..and don’t forget to back them up!

    1. This one came from personal experience for sure. Feels like I am always scrolling! I attended a session at the NAPO conference which was very helpful, but at the end of the day, deleting is really the best step to take!

  2. Can so relate when searching on my phone for photos. But thankfully I have the Cloud, as well as Dropbox. So, I do have all my photos backed up for the most part thankfully. Just have to make sure I organize in folders every so often 🙂

    1. I know photos are a big part of your business, Janine, so I’m sure you have a good system in place. Do you tag your photos with keywords to help you find them? Backing up is so important. I know you will be so thankful in the future that you have all these wonderful memories of your two cuties. They are growing up so much!!

    1. Labeling and adding keywords is so helpful. I attended a session at the national organizing conference on this and am trying to do a better job of this. I can only imagine how important this is for you two with all the photos you take. Backing up, organizing and tagging surely consumes a fair amount of your time and energy. You have such gorgeous images, though, so definitely worth it!

  3. Love the cartoon. I can definitely relate. With the ease of taking photos on your phone, once I’ve snapped a picture I forget about it and soon my app is all cluttered with photos.

    1. I think we are pretty much all in the same boat on this one. I have to be very intentional about deleting. This has become my “go to” activity when I show up early for a client appointment and have a few minutes to kill.

  4. I take a ton of photos and videos. I also use them frequently. So for the most part, I’m able to find what I need using reference points for times of year, parties, seasons, events. I haven’t labeled them, but they get stored by date. And if I search on location, I can also find them that way. I think it’s an iPhone feature. The photos and videos are backed up automatically (with all of my other files) three ways- the cloud, an external hard drive, and a third party back-up system.

    With all that said, if I’m under pressure to find something “quickly,” as humorously expressed in your cartoon, I can get a bit flustered. So in that respect, I can relate to Polly.
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    1. Exactly, Linda. YOU have a great system going! (no surprise there!!) The issue with the location identification is a bit tricky. I normally have that turned off because I don’t want client photos to be associated with a location. So there is a delicate balance between adding information to make it easier for me to access the photos, and maintaining privacy. The times I feel like Polly are just like what you say… when I’m out somewhere and trying to find a photo I know I have to quickly show someone. Too funny, right? We’ve all been there at one moment or another.

    1. I think you are doing pretty well if you are in photos from 2015!! I would like to do better with this myself. I am finding that an increasing percentage of my photos are work related, so I am trying to organize those better. I’m just in a life stage where I’m not taking as many personal photos. Photos of me and my husband around town just are not very exciting LOL!

    1. I always have trouble finding the one I want to show someone. Sounds like you have a very good routine in place, Sabrina. No surprise there:) It does take concerted effort to keep them under control for sure!

    1. LOL Tamara! Although, I bet you have a pretty good system for tagging and backing up your photos. I’ve found that true photographers are much better about managing all of this than the average Joe. It’s those of us who snap random photos and then try to show a specific one to others that usually can’t find what we want and get so frustrated scrolling away!!

  5. I don’t have a lot of photos but even so I have trouble finding the ones I want. I will have to do better. Good reminder.

    1. That scrolling, scrolling, scrolling can you drive you nuts when you are trying to find the “right” one. Deleting the bad ones is a good first step!

  6. This is a great cartoon, and I think almost everyone has this problem on their phone. My digitial photos on my phone could definitely use some organizing now. I occassionally import photos into my computer and create albums so they are easier to find (both on the computer and on the phone), but it certainly is time consuming.

    1. Sounds like you have a great system in place, Nancy! I have to admit that the photos on my phone are not very well organized, so I find myself scrolling to find the photo I want to share. We all have our “things,” right?

  7. I copy “good” photos over to my computer regularly, but haven’t been very diligent about keeping my phone organized, so a couple of months ago I backed them all up to a new folder on my computer, deleted them from my phone and started fresh. Then I found myself out and about and unable to share certain photos with my friends. And already I’m facing a jumble of originals and edits! Daily is too much but monthly isn’t enough, so maybe I need to do it every week…
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    1. It is that ability to share when “out and about” that seems to be a challenge. Few of us really want to spend the time tagging every photo. So many times I’ve been with people trying to find the photo on their phone that they want to show me, and I’ve been there myself. What a bummer to get all organized and then not have the images you desired on your phone. This stuff is complicated, right? Every week sound like a good plan to me.

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