When You Hit A Roadblock

Stumbling Blocks

I love this old fence. I walk by it often in my hometown when I’m out in the morning. Sometimes I glimpse a beautiful sunrise in the background. The hanging sign warns against trespassing, so I can’t go in. However, that doesn’t bother me; I just turn the corner and keep on walking.

Whenever we head in a new direction, we are going to hit roadblocks. Bumps in the road will emerge that we never saw coming, such as an injury when we are trying to begin exercising, or a cut in pay as we try to finally get our finances in order. It can feel like the universe is undermining our resolve.

Being prepared for these roadblocks can help. When we encounter one, we can declare, “Yep, there it is,” and instead of letting it derail us, we can strategize a new approach. Reaching our goal will likely require making many adjustments along the way. Are you hitting a roadblock and can’t go “straight ahead” as planned? There is bound to be a work-around, so decide now to find it.

8 thoughts on “When You Hit A Roadblock”

  1. Yup. I have been frustrated by physical issues that sink my exercise program. But I have found that taking time to do the therapy brings me back to where I was so again patience is a virtue.

    1. That can be so frustrating! You just get going on a healthy regime and then physical issues sideline your plans. I think therapy can give you a new tool in the toolbox to build your strength so you can do more in the future. It is so hard to do therapy every day, but I agree that it does pay off. Hang in there!

  2. Same here with lower back issues I have had to readjust my expectations with exercise and working out. Yet, I haven’t given up and learned to modify my workout over time accordingly. So couldn’t agree more with your assessment here today.

    1. I hit the floor every morning to do back exercises. I have decided this just needs to be part of my life if I want to do my job and minimize the frequency with which I throw out my back. For some reason, this is what I am supposed to be doing, so I’m glad to have the workaround in place now.

  3. What a beautiful sight to see on your walking route. Reading this reminded me of a quote I saw on FB the other week: When nothing goes right, go left! Sometimes a pivot can set you off in a new and better direction.

    1. Wow, I love that quote! Life sure does involve a lot of pivoting. I think I do better when I am expecting that this might be necessary. It is when I am blindsided by the very idea of a roadblock that I stumble most. You are so right that sometimes the new direction actually ends up being better.

  4. There are many big stumbling blocks to motivation. When I met with a client yesterday, she shared her family’s struggles with health, adoption, flooding and more. What big resolve she had to move forward with organizing! And she did because she knew that her life and her family would be all the better for it. Knowing your compelling reason is how to move forward.

    1. I love this point, Ellen! I worked with a client this morning in a similar situation. She was able to remind herself that the time with me would make it easier to cope with the bigger hurdles on her plate. I truly believe that being organized can help when we face a roadblock. My heart goes out to your client, and I know that working with you will pay huge rewards as she faces all of these challenges.

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