Block Out Naysayers

Don't listen to negative voices

Noise keeps me awake. One year, my husband got me these headphones so I could sleep when we are away on vacation and staying in a noisy place. They have been a lifesaver. I put them on, flip the switch and suddenly other people’s voices no longer bother me.

Sometimes, when we try to pursue a new goal, not everyone in our lives is on board. Perhaps they feel we are making a bad (or unnecessary) decision and want to tell us why. Or maybe they feel guilty that they aren’t making a similar healthy choice and try to undermine our progress to make themselves feel better. Whatever the situation, it can be very hard to stay motivated when the people around us are not supportive.

The truth is, we cannot change what other people think, say or believe. When naysayers emerge, the best we can do is thank them for their interest, and then tune them out. This doesn’t mean we never accept constructive criticism, but rather that we choose not to internalize negative energy that seeks only to drag us down. Smile, nod and keep on moving forward!

6 thoughts on “Block Out Naysayers”

  1. Hear hear! I’ve been sitting on a few life goals and it amazes me how negative people can be about them. They sometimes project their own fears and experiences and I know it’s not about me at all.

    1. I have been caught off guard a couple of times by the negative responses of others to some of my ideas… the people I thought might be most excited with me. We never really know what is going on in their heads, but it really is seldom about me. It must be human nature to project our own fears onto someone else. But once we know that, then we can put those comments into a box and go back to our own plan.

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