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Woman looking at herself in the mirror.

I don’t particularly enjoy looking it the mirror, do you? It tempts me to focus on my flaws, which can lead me down paths of self-criticism. This is not a productive exercise!

The truth is, the voice we listen to more than any other is our own. What we tell ourselves matters… a lot. All day long we are sending ourselves messages. We can either choose to berate ourselves for our areas of weakness, or to affirm our efforts and progress.

The world seems quite willing to beat us up and point out our flaws. We don’t need to join in. Instead, mindfully be your own cheerleader. Find a couple of key phrases to keep you going when you are feeling discouraged, and relentlessly remind yourself how wonderful you are!

6 thoughts on “Self Talk”

  1. What a beautiful and important message! It’s funny, but I don’t find the mirror to be the problem. It’s the internal dialogue that I sometimes have which can be troublesome. One of the things that help me is engaging in mindfulness meditations that specifically focus on self-acceptance and affirming that you’re “enough.” They’ve helped me reframe my message and identify more easily when I’m going down that slippery slope of the harsh inner critic.
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    1. Yes, exactly Linda. That internal dialog where we can sabotage ourselves. It is so important to realize the power of our internal messaging, and to be mindful of what we are saying to ourselves. It really does matter!

    1. It can seem trite on the surface, but what we tell ourselves really does matter. We have a measure of choice in how we think, and this can be incredibly powerful! Have a great day:)

  2. I am a master at seeing my flaws. The mirror, especially at my age is a harsh reminder that I am not what I was. I try to remind myself that I am not just what I look like but what I have become through learning and maturing and how lucky I am that I have been blessed to live this long and have so many wonderful experiences and have many more to enjoy. Positive thinking really does affect what you do and experience and how you handle life.

    1. The messages we send to ourselves can be beneficial or catastrophic. I love the way you are looking at the many ways you have had to grow and improve over the course of your life. What a blessing both to yourself, and to those who know you:)

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