Jumpstart Holidays

Believe it or not, October is the perfect month to get a jumpstart on the holiday season. In this short video, discover four things you can be doing now to help ease the stress and tension come December.

What tips do you have for getting ahead of the holiday season?

16 thoughts on “Jumpstart Holidays”

    1. The cards can be such a big task that it just makes sense to get it done now. Plus, you can usually score some great bargains if you order early!

  1. Hard to believe that “the season” is almost here! We were just starting to talk about and plan for hosting Thanksgiving. Our first step is actually inviting people. 🙂 I love all of your tips. The holidays can be stressful, so doing some pre-planning and organizing, as you suggested, can greatly reduce some of the seasonal stress. By the way, I love your pumpkin with Santa hat. So cute!

    1. Aw, thanks Linda! That little pumpkin does catch your eye because it is just doesn’t look quite right! Tackling the calendar is a big one. Will we go or will people come here? What days will they be coming? Will they stay here? For those families where these can be sticky decisions, it makes sense to go ahead and take care of them now and now let them interfere with the holiday mood. Set expectations and then move on. Since the choices about Thanksgiving travel are often wrapped up in choices for December travel, might as well just get your plans in order for now through the New Year. I can imagine the great fun at your house over Thanksgiving. Will be hard, missing your Mom, but you have such a loving family that I imagine there will be a lot of reminiscing and joy:)

  2. This was just the reminder I needed to start thinking about Thanksgiving and compiling photos for my parent’s Hanukah grandkid calendar. But first, I have to work on a few Halloween costumes. Glad I put a reminder entry in my calendar last year–something I advise my clients to do. Love your video!

    1. We still give a calendar to the grandparents, even though our children are grown- and they still love it! Such a nice gift, but it does take a bit of planning!! Fun to think about Halloween costumes as well. Fall is #busy, right?

  3. Thanks for the reminders! Great minds think alike. =) Just today I updated my “gifts lists” for the holidays which includes a budget column too. And, also started pulling out the recipes for our Thanksgiving Day dinner. I love to do this now because it allows me to really enjoy the holidays and not get so stressed over the tasks.

    1. That’s the exact point here… do it now, enjoy the holidays later. Having needed items on hand saves a lot of stress and time. Plus, a bit of planning and dreaming is fun when you aren’t under the gun. I have started thinking about Thanksgiving as well!

  4. I loved this. I am going to get started on the card issue. I will buy my stamps now also. I have already updated my calendar but that is an ongoing task. I am really hoping to d0 the last two especially the decluttering. I could spend the next two months doing that alone! Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Decluttering is also an ongoing task, much like updating the calendar. So great to do that now, during the “calm before the storm.” It feels great, doesn’t cost anything, and will make you feel lighter come December!

  5. I love your videos! I am usually not ready early but I already have the kids’ wish lists bookmarked on Amazon, as well as which gifts to give from me, from Cassidy, from Santa, and so on. I updated my calendar just today! We don’t do holiday cards, sadly, probably because I’m too busy taking them for other families! This year I’m actually taking inspiration from the brands I work with. Many of them offer great holiday gifts!

    1. I have a feeling I’m going to get some great gift ideas from your upcoming posts! I love learning about new things I’ve never heard of. See if you can link up with an organizing products brand!!

  6. I use Todoist, and I’ve been adding things like “send out cards” as recurring yearly tasks so I don’t leave it too late (as has been known to happen).

    1. Wonderful suggestion… apps can be programmed a year ahead, so the lesson we are learning “in the moment” can be easily applied to the future!

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