The “Stuff” Song

Guitar. I decided to pick up my guitar and write my own song.
Image by SplitShire from Pixabay

Recently, I was was asked if I knew any songs about decluttering and getting organized. When I thought about it, I realized that I didn’t! I enjoy music, so I decided to pick up my guitar and write my own song.

I’m neither a professional singer nor guitar player, but sometimes it is fun to consider a familiar issue from a new perspective. If you’ve got a house full of clutter, this song is for you!

Is it time to ask yourself, “Do I need all this stuff?

40 thoughts on “The “Stuff” Song”

    1. Thanks, Sabrina. That’s so nice of you to share it out… now all I need is some hip, young music recording artist and a video producer to film a cool video, right?

    1. You know me… always trying to find a new way to look at clutter! I got the idea after a discussion on POINT about clutter songs. My kids think I’m hilarious:)

    1. Well aren’t you good for my ego, Tamara! That’s me playing guitar… I’m pretty much a hack, but I think it’s fun. Maybe a little goofy to be writing a song about clutter, but hey, why not? There are songs about pretty much everything these days!

    1. That’s so sweet, Janet! I love to sing:) I guess writing a song about clutter is a little off the normal path for a professional organizer, but I love to look at things from a fresh angle. You really don’t need all that stuff, right?

    1. Thank you, Hazel. I love to sing so it doesn’t really intimidate me:) That said, I know I am no professional… just a shower singer spreading the word about decluttering. Appreciate the share!

  1. Seana, you’re my hero!! I LOVE your organizing song and your voice is beautiful!!! I think the lyrics are clever and the tune is so catchy – BRAVA! Please sing this at NERCPO…/. it would be such fun! You can make song sheets or have the lyrics on the screen. I know other the PO’s would enjoy it as well! I am going to share the link in my weekly newsletter, if that’s OK with you.

    1. Wow… thanks, Jocelyn. That is a thought! I could bring my guitar along – maybe a little lunchtime entertainment? You are so sweet to share it out – the more the merrier. I figure POs “get” this more than anyone else. Can’t wait for NERCPO!!

  2. Hi Seana! What a great song, I love how proactive you are, there aren’t any great songs so you created one. 🙂 You rock and you have a beautiful voice. “do I need all this stuff?” everyone needs to ask themselves this question

    1. Hope it doesn’t turn into an one of those annoying songs that you can’t get out of your head:) Just a little fun to try and look at clutter in a new light!

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