Sneaking In Some Storage

Everyone needs storage. The smaller your space, the more important it is to use every inch. While expansive closets are certainly nice, you can find solutions even if you live in 300 square feet. If you need extra storage, here are a few options to consider…

On The Back of the Door

On the Back of a Chair

Over the Sink

Over the Toilet

Under Existing Shelving

Under Furniture

Above The Door

Between the Studs

On the Side of a Cabinet

On the Wall


On the Unused Wall of a Pantry or Closet

In a Corner

On the Side of the House

Inside a Cabinet Door

    *     *     *     *     *

Keep in mind, the first step in getting organized should always be decluttering, as most of us keep too much. Also, sorting through and shedding belongings is not a “one time” endeavor. It is important to repeat this process periodically and keep things circulating through your space.

When adding storage, be sure to consider safety (e.g. hooks are secure, nothing dangerous is at eye level or near little hands, space can be safely reached, no tripping hazards, etc.)

Do any of these ideas seem helpful to you? What other places have you found to gain some storage?

28 thoughts on “Sneaking In Some Storage”

    1. Yes, you can even DIY that seat sack. I think it is a great idea at home as well, because so many kids like to do their homework at the kitchen table, and then you’ve got all the supplies to store when it comes time to eat!

  1. I grew up in a small apartment and have taken advantage of many of those nooks to make room for my belongings. I’ve always loved using the under-the-shelf-basket to make good use of ‘top space’ in a closet or cabinet. In fact, I currently have three or four in use in my home. A fabulous compilation of underutilized areas for storage!

    1. I really love that under-the-shelf basket because so many homes just have too few shelves. This huge, cavernous spaces that work for blankets but not much else!

    1. One of my favorites of the bunch for sure! Most people have too few shelves. You can get a carpenter to add shelves, but this is so easy and affordable, and you can take them with you wherever you go:)

    1. It is such a great idea for a bathroom. Who ever looks above the door? And if you want it pretty, add a nice basket or two… gotta use every inch!

  2. It’s so funny, but as I looked at each of your photos (along with the titles,) I found myself oohing and ahhing. That’s the organizer in me. 🙂 Such great examples and clever ideas for “finding” space in places that others might not see. Your point about decluttering and editing first is key. That way you can organize the essentials, but not worry about finding space for what you really don’t use or need. LOVE the visuals! Those under shelf, slide on shelves are great! So easy to set up and a great way to instantly make use of underutilized areas.
    Linda Samuels recently posted…How “Small” Trends Create Excellent Possibilities For YouMy Profile

    1. I totally adore the slide-on shelves. They are so easy and they work in apartments where you can’t add anything permanent. I find most pantries and closet have too few shelves. I’ve even seen them for the refrigerator now, which is also a great idea. This stuff is like the candy store for me too:) Every now and then, I try to do a visual post for those folks who aren’t into reading text!

  3. I’ve never thought of using the back of a chair, but why not? They do it with car seats… That would be super helpful for people who don’t have a home office and keep their computer workstation in the living room or bedroom, where there’s no room to store office supplies.
    Janet Barclay recently posted…ESFP Organizing ProfileMy Profile

    1. I think also very helpful if your kids set up to do homework at the kitchen table (which most do!) This gives you a place to keep everything when you need to use the work surface. You could even DIY one to fit your decor!

  4. I have something similar in my kitchen for like the Apartment Therapy picture, but instead of pegboard we have a metal rack that is meant for the garage but works well for us with hooks for things we have no drawer space for.

  5. I really, really need storage now. Although I think I’m a bit exaggerating because looking at our house, we actually have one spare room and we’re using it to store dirty laundry. It needs a renovation though so maybe when we have enough budget to fix the ceiling, we’d be good. I love your tips! I’m gonna try to follow them. 🙂

    1. I love that you are using your spare room to store dirty laundry! You probably could get a little more functionality out of that space:) Fixing the ceiling sounds like a good place to start… repairs are never a fun way to spend money, but if that means you get more out of your space, they are worth it! Good luck – send me a photo if you try any of these ideas!

    1. Just take a peak in any camper or RV and it is eye-opening to see how to use every inch. That space is typically left unoccupied, but represents a great opportunity. If you want it to look good, just put items in baskets and treat it like a large, decorative shelf! (and I love that sneaky cat too!!)

    1. I love the hanging baskets – I think they should be standard issue, especially for people buying older homes which often lack sufficient shelving! Also great for apartment dwellers who can’t make permanent changes. Tremendous value for the little they cost:)

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