Polly’s Cell Phone

Technology is a wonderful thing… except for when it drives you crazy!

Polly Whacks her Cell Phone

Do you ever feel like smashing in your phone, computer, or tablet?

15 thoughts on “Polly’s Cell Phone”

  1. Totally made me giggle and got to admit that is why I just bought the new iPhone 6, because my old iPhone has been acting up for months and driving me crazy ( I have had thoughts of doing what Polly did to hers!).

    1. My phone is driving me crazy too… I’m past due for an upgrade. And to be honest, all of my technological systems drive me crazy from time to time.. especially printers!

  2. I’m with Janine. Mine pissed me off so much today that I fantasized about taking a hammer to it.
    I’m due for an upgrade and mine is broken, yet there are no 5’s in stock and the 6 is only coming out in four days…
    Yet will I even get it before Christmas? Who knows?

    1. I still have a 4, if you can believe that! But it has been working, so I haven’t felt the need to upgrade. But it has recently started failing me…. makes me wonder if it is all part of a big plot to get me to buy a new phone:)

    1. So hard to feel competent when they keep updating – I so agree!!! Let alone the times when technology does things that just don’t make sense… typically at a critical moment. Gotta laugh, right Jill?

    1. I love the “just trouble-shoot it yourself” answer…. as if we wouldn’t have done that already if we had any idea how!!! I think all adults should just be issued an IT guy when they buy a computer ;P

  3. Oh my goodness! You might have found it interesting this horror story about Siri that I read about from a blogger I know. I was interesting and Siri was being annoying and horrific at the same time. But even besides the talking Siri and now there is a Cortana (hehe), I can definitely see how smart phones, even though they have a lot of things they are helpful in, can be annoying!

    1. My husband loves Siri. It is so funny to see him always asking questions. I love my phone, but it definitely drive me crazy sometimes. Anyway, nice to giggle about our shared experiences, right Brittnei?

    1. Teenagers are handy to have around aren’t they? My oldest struggled with a broken phone for months.. the button on top was broken. She was afraid to turn it off or let it lose charge for a couple of months until we found another temporary solution. Keeping up with the apps alone can be a full time job!

  4. The only complaint I have about my iPhone is that sometimes it shuts itself off after I take a picture. Which is why I bring along a real camera if I’m going somewhere I don’t want to miss out on photo opps!

    1. That’s a new one on me, Janet. Never heard of anyone else having that issue. At least this problem is solvable/avoidable. And the good news, it will be probably be fixed with your next upgrade:)

  5. Your post’ so terribly true… now that I do everything with my smartphone, I realized it’s been a long time since I haven’t handwritten anything!

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