Polly’s Ducks

Why is it that everyone else always seems to have their “ducks in a row?”

Polly wishes for better ducks

Do you ever feel like others around you have it all together and you don’t?

15 thoughts on “Polly’s Ducks”

  1. Thanks for the chuckle. It is so easy to compare ourselves to others. I try to have my ducks mostly in a row most of the time. That attitude seems to help keep me balanced. LOL

    1. Knowing you (at least digitally!), I imagine your ducks are pretty straight:) I always tell clients to relax – other people’s ducks always look straight from a distance!

    1. That’s exactly the point, Brittnei! We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and it isn’t about being perfect, it’s about getting up each day and giving it our best.

  2. Sometimes the ducks are aligned, and sometimes not. Related, but diverting slightly, my husband and I park our cars side by side in our driveway. Both of our license plates begin with “DUX,” followed by numbers. So when they are parked next to each other, we like to joke that we have all our “DUX in a row.”

    1. Okay, Linda… that is HILARIOUS!!! You’ve got me chuckling this morning:) Gonna pass this one to my illustrator. You ought to post a photo of that!

    1. We hope lots of people can relate to Polly! We all have our moments when we feel like we just aren’t as together as everyone else… But really we are all just doing the best we can, and that’s enough 🙂

    1. And it rarely ever is, right Susie? We should stop comparing ourselves to everyone else. We all have our strengths and weaknesses:)

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