Emergency Readiness for Pets

Recent events have proven vivid reminders of the devastation and upheaval that can strike at any moment. Preparing for an emergency is a wise and practical investment of time. Although we may have planned ahead for our homes & families, we may have forgotten to make a plan for our pets.

Up closeHere are a few quick steps you can take to ensure your pet’s well-being:

  1. Make a list of boarding facilities and veterinarians who shelter animals in case of an emergency. Plug their 24-hour phone numbers into your phone for easy access.
  2. Be aware of hotels in your area which accept pets, and be familiar with their restrictions (e.g. size, species, number, etc.). Plug the number of a pet friendly hotel into your phone for easy access.
  3. Contact friends and relatives who live outside your area to identify one would be willing to shelter your animal if your town should suffer a catastrophic event.
  4. Assemble a watertight emergency bag for your pet. Label the bag with the pet’s name, your name and your phone number. Inside the bag place:
        • Veterinarian’s name and contact information
        • 3-7 day supply of food
        • A couple of water bottles
        • A photograph of your pet
        • A bowl which can be used for food and water
        • An extra leash and collar
        • A summary of any health issues, including medications
        • An up to date vaccination summary
        • Toy or treat
        • Extra blanket or towel
        • Carrier for cat or exotic pets

Pets are members of the family who give a lot and demand little. With a minimal amount of effort, you can plan now to ensure their safety and comfort should the unexpected occur.

6 thoughts on “Emergency Readiness for Pets”

  1. This post is great! Thanks for the tips. I live in Houston and they’re already predicting a substantial hurricane season but hopefully we won’t have to resort to any of these but it’s always great to be prepared. Thanks!

    Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday!

    1. I’m always hoping that a little prevention will scare disaster away. For you – with 7 – it might take a bit longer:) Thanks for the comment!

  2. Thank you for this insightful post! It’s all too easy to overlook our furry friends when preparing for emergencies, but your practical tips make it clear that with a little effort, we can ensure their well-being too. The idea of creating a pet emergency bag is brilliant – it’s a simple yet effective way to guarantee our pets’ safety and comfort during unforeseen events. I’ll definitely be taking your advice and putting together one for my beloved pet.

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