5 Myths About Organizers

5 Myths. I've heard some myths about what professional organizers do, so I'm hoping to clear the air.

Have you considered hiring a professional organizer but aren’t sure what it would be like? When considering something new, we often ask around, search the internet, and/or watch social media. Sometimes, we receive good, wise advice. Other times, all we really hear are rumors and perpetuated myths. Knowing the truth is always critical for making good decisions. I’ve heard some myths about what professional organizers, so I’m hoping to clear the air.

In spite of what you may have heard, organizers are NOT:

… going to make you throw everything away.
Contrary to popular belief, organizers love stuff. We especially love the stuff that is important to you. We want to help you develop a system for finding, displaying, utilizing and enjoying it. In pursuing this goal, YOU will likely identify some possessions that you no longer want, need or value, and then we can help you find the best way to move these items out of your space.

… cost prohibitive.
Like any professional, organizers charge for our time. However, since we are pretty efficient people, we like to move quickly and productively along. I often say it takes months of working with a trainer to lose 10 lbs, but only a couple of hours with an organizer. The well structured, clearly defined project that a professional organizer designs can be the most cost effective way to achieve your goal.

… judging you and the state of your space.
Sometimes people fear that organizers live in perfect houses and look down on anyone who doesn’t. Nothing could be further from the truth! More than anyone, organizers understand the challenges that our complex lives present – this is why we got in the business of developing techniques to help. When we enter a space, we get excited about working as a team to bring about solutions that will enrich your quality of life. If everyone lived in perfect spaces, we wouldn’t have a purpose.

… glorified cleaning people.
While many organizers will help clean a space that is being organized, cleaning is not what organizing is all about. Organizers are professionals who have invested in acquiring the necessary tools and skills to help you be able to find what you need, when you need it. Most organizers have attended seminars, conferences, teleclasses, and association meetings. We actually read books about organizing, productivity, and time management strategies. We participate in online groups, share tips, and study resources and techniques.

… going to make you do things their way.
An important element of organizing is to bring ideas and suggestions to our clients. However, we will never force a system on you that you don’t love. When establishing “homes” for belongings, I frequently ask, “Where does it make sense to you to put it?” After all, we are organizing YOUR space, and we want it to work for you.

If you’ve thought about hiring an organizer but been intimidated, why not reach out and have a conversation. Most organizers are happy to offer a call or visit free of charge. Our goal is simply to make your life better!

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Have you ever hired a professional organizer? Would you like to?

8 thoughts on “5 Myths About Organizers”

  1. This is such a great post! I think a lot of people worry that hiring an organizer is going to be cost prohibitive! I agree with Matt…this post should be on the home page of NAPO-CT!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Michelle. In the long run, hiring an organizer actually may save a client money, and will certainly improve their efficiency and deliver a higher quality of life!

  3. We’ve often thought about hiring an organizer to help us get our garage in order…it’s such a mess in there! You may have convinced me to give it a go. Thanks for the tips!

  4. I have and although I’m a former organizer myself, it was definitely worthwhile. Sometimes we are too used to the way things are that we can’t imagine other options. Getting input from an experienced professional who is viewing our space through different eyes can take you from “I guess it’s okay like this” to “Wow, why didn’t I do this years ago?”
    Janet Barclay recently posted…What’s with all the plugin updates?My Profile

    1. I can relate to that emotion, Janet! It wasn’t about organizing, but we had a broken drawer in our kitchen that we had been living with for years. Over the holidays, when family was staying with us, it became evident that this was a real pain in the neck. I finally bent down and took a good look, figured out the issue, and asked my husband if he would try and fix it. He repaired the thing in about 5 minutes. We couldn’t believe we had lived with it that long! Similar situation when we hired someone to finally repair a rotted porch railing. Change really is possible when we simply focus on making it happen!

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