Lighten Up! Tips for Letting Go in 2024 – Trophies, Ribbons, and Prizes

An animated, smiling trophy and a memoji woman giving a thumbs up. Tips for Letting Go in 2024 - Trophies, Ribbons, and Prizes

Today is the second day of “Lighten Up.” We are just getting started in my monthlong series to help you to let go of things you no longer use, need, or love. Today we will be talking about trophies, ribbons, and prizes.

Earning trophies, ribbons, and prizes is fun. We feel a sense of accomplishment and celebration. As time wears on, some of these acknowledgements may mean less than others. For instance:

  • A “participation” ribbon
  • A generic trophy, with no inscription
  • A plastic “joke” trophy
  • A ribbon or prize from an event we honestly didn’t enjoy
  • Winnings from activities in which we no longer participate and for which we have no real affinity
  • Trophies, ribbons, and prizes that we inherited from a relative

These are just a few examples.

Whatever the reason, any physical acknowledgement of success (including awards, certificates, etc.) whose handling does not stir up memories of a positive experience are adding little value to your life. It’s perfectly fine to let them go.

If you have some of these in your space, and you are willing to get rid of them, but aren’t sure how, I’ve got a few suggestions.

For my local readers in Southwestern CT, you can drop off unwanted trophies at Clarks Trophies in Stamford. Depending on the exact piece, they will reuse and repurpose whatever they can.

For those who live in other areas, here are two resources to look into:

Lamb Awards & Engraving

Lamb Awards & Engraving describes itself as “a trophy recycling program to help find new homes for your very old trophies so that they avoid the landfill. We will either donate matching sets to charities in need or break the trophies down for parts. These parts will go on to other trophy winners.” What a nice option for finding a new home for your prior award.

Total Awards

Total Awards in Madison, WI also has a trophy recycling offering. You can learn more about it by watching this Youtube Video…

Recycling trophies and awards may require you to do a little work and possibly invest some money in shipping. However, it is nice to know that there are options for those who want to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

If you decide against these services, in general, trophies, awards, ribbons, and prizes are generally safe to put into the trash.

*     *     *

Is today a good day to gather up unwanted awards? Do you have a collection somewhere that you know you are ready to remove from your space?

Remember, if you don’t have these items on hand at the moment, you can always bookmark this site to come back later!

See you tomorrow.

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