Lighten Up! Tips for Letting Go in 2024 – Blankets and Towels

Drawing of a blue, folded blanket. Female memoji yawning. Lighten Up! Tips for Letting Go in 2024 – Blankets and Towels

We are nearing the end of the third week of “Lighten Up! Tips for Letting Go in 2022.” Time sure is flying! Today I’m going to be sharing tips for what to do with old blankets and towels.

Linens have a life. With use, they wear thin, get stained, and otherwise become undesirable for use. Periodically, they just need to go. In fact, organizing a linen closet is a terrific little project. While linens aren’t toxic or hazardous, and therefore can be put into your regular trash, there are other options for disposal.

For instance, you can drop them off at your local animal shelter or veterinarian. I have dropped many blankets, towels, and even pillows off at the VCA in Darien. They are always happy to receive them, as they provide comfort and support for animals being boarded or undergoing medical procedures.

Another good choice is to drop old textiles into textile recycling bins. Items collected via this channel are either donated to charity or, if they are damaged, are cut into smaller pieces to make rags, diverting as much as possible from landfills.

If you happen to have towels and blankets that are in “like new” condition, they can be donated to your nearby homeless shelter. The Salvation Army may also accept bedding in good condition.

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Is it time to clear out some of your linens? Where have you dropped old linens in the past?

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2 thoughts on “Lighten Up! Tips for Letting Go in 2024 – Blankets and Towels”

  1. I always take out used linens to the local Soca and they are always in need of them and happy to get them. Things that are not useful to them I give to a men’s shelter in my city who sells them to businesses who use them for cleaning equipment. It’s aa win win situation.

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