“Tiny” Time Management Tips

Time management is a funny term. On the one hand, we do not actually manage time. Time exists, and we operate within it. On the other hand, we do have choice about how we spend our time. Perhaps a better title for this post would be “Time Spending Tips” instead of “Time Management Tips.”

This week I’m sharing four of my recent Youtube videos, each with a little tip for you on how to take better advantage of the 24 hours you have each day. I hope that they will help you achieve your goals with less stress and more efficiency.

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What aspect of being productive and using time wisely is hardest for you?

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20 thoughts on ““Tiny” Time Management Tips”

  1. I do think “Time Spending Tips” would be a good name for another blog post because I think managing time is very much like managing money. They both require an awareness of how much you have and how you are spending it. Setting a budget can help. If you don’t, you’re more likely to overspend and run short!

    1. I was just talking with someone who has been on the Weight Watchers program. He has an app and starts with a given number of points each day, and then as he eats, he logs his food in and points get used up. I think this is a good analogy for “time spending,” as you’ve pointed out. We only have so many minutes each day, and we choose how to spend them!

  2. I was actually thinking about how schools, no matter how modern, seem to use analog clocks! Even with students with cellphones. Anyway, that was just a comment about switching from digital clocks. I love the look of analog watches.

    I love my daily to do lists! They have gotten me through so many work years!

    We love family meetings! With our two older kids, we call ourselves the “core four.” Before all the stinky babies came along!
    Tamara recently posted…I’m a Fool to Do Your Dirty WorkMy Profile

    1. Oh, I bet they love being part of the “Core Four” meetings. How fun! I bet schools know about the value of seeing the passing of time, and therefore have stuck with the analog clocks, right?

  3. I especially loved the video on analog clocks. I have a timetimer clock on my desk that I use all the time. When working with clients, I always wear an analog clock clipped to my belt loop. This allows me to glance down and see how much time we have left for this day’s project. Recently my watch broke so I ordered another one. I was sent a digital watch instead. I thought about it and wondered if I could make it work instead of going through the hassle of returning the watch for what I ordered. I decided that the digital watch just would not work for me, so I reordered and now have to return the wrong watch.
    Jonda Beattie recently posted…Discard and Recycle ResponsiblyMy Profile

    1. I love this story! It is so much easier to glance at an analog clock. I completely agree! I wear my watch to every job for this same reason. Thanks for sharing that, Jonda!

  4. I am a big fan of analog clocks! You can see time passing to create time awareness. I suggest placing these at transition points to be able to move more quickly to the next action.

    1. What a terrific suggestions, Ellen. Have the clocks easily visible. I always had one in my kitchen growing up, and I think this “heart of the home” is the perfect place to put one up!

  5. Seana, these videos are marvelous! They are, as you promise, short, sweet, and actionable.

    I use analog clocks in my house. The time timer is on my list of things to give my son for his 5 year-old daughter so she can start to understand time better.

    I have always planned extra travel time into my travels. You never know what traffic you will run into. I value the time of whomever I am going to meet and expect that people coming to meet me will also value my time. Being on time (or early) to appointments is important to me.
    Diane N Quintana recently posted…Getting Your Garden Ready For SpringMy Profile

    1. I always leave extra time as well. We have a lot of traffic in my area, so I’m always looking at Google maps a bit ahead of time in case I need to leave extra early. That said, sometimes an accident happens after I’m on the road, making me late. Fortunately, this is rare. I’d just rather not be rushed and have some time to kill while I wait to arrive at my client’s door.

  6. Seana- I love your “Tiny Tips!” I’m a huge user and fan of analog clocks. Honestly, it’s the only way I can perceive and understand time. While my digital devices are on my desk (iMac, iPhone, iPad), I have a large wall clock that I regularly refer to. Digital clocks have their place, but they don’t help me grasp where I am like analog clocks do. And the TimeTimer I LOVE!!!

    Being realistic with your to-do lists is no easy task, but an essential one. So making a small, doable, daily list (taken from the more extensive list) is a great way to activate. It’s less overwhelming and provides better laser focus for the day.

    1. Going “analog” seems counter cultural, but I just can’t help liking them!

      Even I, who love lists, find a particularly long list overwhelming. I don’t want to look at my list in the morning and think, “There is no way I will get all of this done.” Why make that list, right?

  7. These are great because they are so easy to digest and very helpful. Analog clocks are so great for people with neurodivergent styles of learning as well because it helps ground the otherwise very abstract idea of time and what it means that time is passing.
    Janet Schiesl recently posted…Our Favorite Kitchen ToolsMy Profile

  8. I always love your Tiny Tips, but you’ve outdone yourself this time. I agree with EVERYTHING you’ve said, but especially using an analog clock. When I look at a digital clock (on my phone or the VCR), I may glance at it a few times and still the actual time doesn’t register with me, so I check again. However, I have the home screen on my FitBit set to be an analog watch, and I never have to glance a second time.

    I couldn’t live without my actionable daily to-do list or my buffer time when going anywhere, whether it’s a stop at the grocery store or a trip to the airport. I need that buffer time (whether it’s ten minutes or longer) to give me confidence and sanity. (I like the family meeting idea and recommend it to clients, but I’m only a family of one — and I already talk to myself!)
    Julie Bestry recently posted…Paper Doll On Understanding and Conquering ProcrastinationMy Profile

    1. I think talking to ourselves is a sign that we are great company!

      Thanks for the affirmation. I couldn’t live without my buffer time either. In fact, when I’m rushed, I don’t like the person I become. I’d much rather leave earlier and be at peace. 🙂

  9. I love the tiny tips. It’s so less overwhelming. You are right about analog clocks. They do help you be aware of passing time. I have 2 in my kitchen and I check them most-over the oven and microwave clocks. All good suggestions as usual.

    1. I like the analog clock in the kitchen because that is the “heart of the home.” Almost all family members are passing through there, so it helps to have a big, analog clock that can been with a glance!

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