Select-an-Effort: The Shower

Select-an-Effort: The Shower. Seana in the shower.

Have you ever heard the expression, “New Year, New You?” Nothing makes you feel more like a new person like getting clean, so for today’s “Select-an-Effort” we are heading to the shower. If you have a large home, you can either focus on one shower, or tackle them all.

Here are the choices:

Low Effort

Pitch (or rinse and recycle) any empty containers in your showers or around your bathtubs.

Medium Effort

After getting rid of your empty containers, go one step further and remove any products, toys, and/or tools that you don’t use on a regular basis. Showers are busy spaces, so keep only those items that you use frequently inside the shower itself. Extra supplies that you use only periodically can be stored somewhere a bit more remote, such as under the bathroom sink, in a linen closet, or in a cabinet in the bathroom. 

High Effort

Remove everything from the shower. Clean the shower by spraying it with the product of your choice and wiping it down. Sort through the items you have taken out of the shower and either dispose of or relocate the products and tools you are not using frequently.

Before reloading, consider installing organizers to accommodate products you use every day. There are racks that hang over the shower nozzle, towers that can sit on a tub surface in the corner, shower curtains with pockets, and containers that attach to the wall with suction cups, among other choices. Before purchasing, take note of the size of the items you keep in the shower. If you tend to buy giant containers from Costco, you will need a tall and sturdy rack.

*     *     *

Could your shower use a bit of attention? Which task will you try today?

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5 thoughts on “Select-an-Effort: The Shower”

    1. It does feel so good to get those empty bottles out and those moldy spots cleaned up, doesn’t it? It seems to be common to bring in “new” products while abandoning the old in a rack or on the floor. We can do better 🙂

  1. This is one place I can truthfully say I have in order. I can imagine with a big family it can get out of hand quickly. Good tips.

    1. Yes, this is mostly a challenge in homes where the kids and parents are sharing a shower. Or, where you have a lot of teenagers experimenting with products. 🙂

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