Select-an-Effort: The Junk Drawer

Select-an-Effort: The Junk Drawer. Seana pointing at a pair of scissors.

We are humming along in getting organized this month. How’s it going for you? Remember, it is never too late to start, and every little effort matters! Today we are going to address another space that tends to be in or near the kitchen: the junk drawer. I have talked about this space many times, reminding people that I don’t prefer to call it the junk drawer because most of us don’t buy junk. Instead, it is probably a supplies drawer, and perhaps it is a space in your home that could use some attention.

Here are a few choices, depending on how you are feeling today.

Low Effort

If you don’t have much time today, just open up the drawer and do a quick scan. Pitch anything that is clearly trash, or that you know you won’t use. Maybe you have some old coupons, tiny/unsharpened pencils, gum that is so old you would never chew it, or some small toys your child got in a fast-food restaurant.

Don’t drive yourself crazy, just focus on the “easy hits.”

Medium Effort

As with the kitchen surfaces that we talked about yesterday, the medium option is to remove and relocate that which belongs somewhere else.

In my experience, many things end up in the junk drawer that probably belong elsewhere (e.g., loose change, tools, batteries, paperwork, etc.). You don’t have to get everything in this exercise, but look for items that you are sure should be stored in another location.

Just pull them out and walk them to their proper home. If you have a lot, grab a basket or container so you don’t have to run back and forth.

High Effort

If you have the time and want to truly snap this drawer into shape, you need to empty it. Go through everything, wipe it out, and then reset. Does this feel intimidating? Just watch this short video to see what to do.

Improving the order in this drawer typically pays big rewards because we open it often. Spaces we touch frequently are always worth giving some extra attention to.

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Do you have a “junk drawer?”

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4 thoughts on “Select-an-Effort: The Junk Drawer”

  1. My “junk” drawer is pretty well organized but could use some tweaking.I just need to take time to take a good look. I can probably do the job at the moderate level but I may be surprised tosee how much attention it needs. Time to take a look!

    1. Congratulations for having a well-organized drawer. Maybe all there is to do is indulge in a few new organizing inserts, or just give it a refresh. Seems like there are always a few accumulated items that can go.

  2. The hardest thing for me is when you find a widget of some sort, and you know you put it in the drawer for safekeeping, but you don’t remember what it’s for. I’ve discarded stuff like that before, only to discover my mistake the next time I needed it.
    Janet Barclay recently posted…2023, I’m ready for you!My Profile

    1. That’s a good point, Janet. Seems like we need a place for “parts” that we come across. That way, when we suddenly come across a need, we have a stash of items to check for the ‘right’ piece!

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