Select-an-Effort: Food Storage Containers

Select-an-Effort: Food Storage Containers. Seana dreaming of food.

My brother-in-law says that the only thing better than Chinese food is leftover Chinese food. Do you agree? If so, you probably have a good collection of food storage containers. Plastic and glass food storage containers come in handy, but often they end up mismatched and taking up a lot of space in the kitchen. Today we will work on these items.

Here are some options:

Low Effort

Take a peek into the cabinet or shelf where you keep food storage containers. Remove and dispose of any that are warped, stained, cracked, or otherwise “yucky.”

Medium Effort

To properly organize this group of items, bring all of them to a sorting surface. You may have them in multiple locations, so be sure to gather all of them. Wipe out the drawer or cabinet where you keep them.

The next step is to pair each container with its matching lid. Actually put the lids on to see whether they fit well.

Throw away (or recycle) any containers that are missing their match (e.g., containers with no lids or vice versa), as well as any that you don’t use or no longer want.

Now stack similar containers (the ones that can easily “nest”). Stack the corresponding lids and put them either in or under the containers they match. If you have some tiny containers, you can use one of your larger containers to hold them. Put the lid for this larger container either underneath or behind the stack in your storage area.

Another option is to get a product specifically designed to keep your lids organized.

YouCopia StoraLid

You may have some extra-large containers that you only pull out when you are cooking for a crowd (e.g., at the holidays or when you host a party). Since you rarely use these, move them to a less prime location, such as up on a high shelf or to the back of a corner cabinet.

This challenge is a classic example of the importance of “living within your space.” While it is wonderful to have containers, it is a burden to have too many. Deciding how much space you can allocate to storing these containers will determine the limit for how many you can keep. If you can’t fit all of your containers in your designated area, you need to let go of a few. It might seem hard, but it is better to get rid of some than to have no breathing room in your cabinet. And remember, you might be able to repurpose a container by using it to hold small objects in a drawer or on a shelf.

High Effort

If you really want to start fresh, the best thing might be to start all over again with a fresh set of containers. Consider a collection that has three sizes (small, medium, and large), and suits your taste. Some people prefer microwavable glass while others like the versatility of plastic. This is a personal choice. Regardless of material, clear is a must!

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When is the last time you reviewed your collection of food storage containers? Could it use a refresh?

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4 thoughts on “Select-an-Effort: Food Storage Containers”

    1. I love medium effort. It shows wisdom to know what you can handle on any given day, and it still gives a great result. Both of my girls are loving the glass ones too. 🙂

  1. I did this recently. It is amazing how there are some containers with no lids even though I do periodically sort them. Where do those lids go? There were several that the lids would go on but pop off because the container is warped. Out it goes. I think this really has to be done often. I tend to keep containers that are reusable from take out food . They tend to add up and crowd the better ones. Not GOOD IDEA!

    1. It is both a time waster and a frustration to be hunting lids to match containers. Better to get rid of the ones that aren’t working, for any reason. Way to go, Dianne!

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