More “Tiny Tips” for a Less Cluttered Space

Seana giving "Tiny Tips" for a Less Cluttered Space

Looking to improve the look and functionality of your space? Sometimes all it takes is a tiny bit of effort. It can be surprising to discover that doing small things can have a big impact. Below find four new videos with “tiny tips” for a less cluttered space.

Tiny Tip #1 – Trim Straggly Plants


Tiny Tip #2 – Fold Large Binder Clips Flat


Tiny Tip #3 – Store Linens “Fold-forward”


Tiny Tip #4 – Remove Unnecessary Tags


Do you use any of these “tiny tips?”

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12 thoughts on “More “Tiny Tips” for a Less Cluttered Space”

  1. So sweet Seana,
    I have struggled with the plant tip in the past. I feel like I am killing the plant and then of course what do you do with the cut off part. I currently have some on my fridge that I was going to give to a friend. She will be over in a couple of weeks but will she want them. Well if not, they have to go.
    I also love the fold forward technique. Awesome!

    1. I plunk my cuttings into an old glass, and once roots appear at the bottom, I plant them up. But remember, even if you don’t save the cuttings, it’s still a good idea. After all, the hair that gets trimmed from my head doesn’t get reused.

  2. What a great series, Seana! Loving your ‘tiny tips!’ The plant one resonated with me. Steve is our resident plant guy at home. He waters and keeps them trimmed. But sometimes I go around and trim them too because like you, I don’t like when they get too large. And truthfully, the plants love to be trimmed. They seem to perk up and thrive.

    Your tag cutting tip cracked me up. There are instances where I do cut tags, like on throw pillows. But I generally don’t cut the tags off of towels, although I agree that the tags sticking out don’t look so great. I will rethink that one. I tend to keep them on in case I want to reorder them so I’ll know what brand they are. But I can solve that issue a different way. I might just get radical and do some tag cutting. Wow!!!

    1. You’ll have to let me know if you “go for it” with the towel tags LOL! For some reason, that little thing catches my eye, and that isn’t what I really want to be noticing. 🙂

  3. I can read the longest article, but I get so impatient when I watch videos, so I especially love your Tiny Tips series whenever an installment pops up.

    I don’t have plants — on the rare occasions I do, it’s the miniature succulent kind that almost looks like it it belongs in a doll house. But the others are all tips I follow and share, and I’m always pleased when clients seem shocked and amazed by the magic of folds-forward for towels and sheets. And of course I fold those binder clips flat, or the drawers won’t close.

    But tags? Sigh. No, I keep my tags. Just last week, I looked at the label tag on a towel I’ve had 35 years, wanting to buy more because they’ve handled the wear so well. Then again, I must be tag-blind, because I never, ever even notice them. But it’s still excellent advice!

    1. I love a succulent, and they are easier to maintain! The tag thing may only bother a few of us. BUT, I do think it makes a space look better not to have tags all over things. 🙂

    1. Glad to know you are a kindred spirit on this one, Janet! Some people don’t notice at all, and the rest of us can’t stand them. 🙂

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