Seana’s Sampler, Volume 3

Pencils. Findings, thoughts, and discoveries that are making me smile.

This week I’m back with another episode of “Seana’s Sampler.” In no particular order, here are some findings, thoughts, and discoveries that are making me smile. I hope you’ll enjoy perusing this content and come away with something you like!

Seana’s Sampler

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Resource I’m Enjoying

Minimal Quest Logo. Pursuing minimalism.

On the third Tuesday of the month, I co-host an online chat group called “Minimal Quest.” We gather for an hour on the third Tuesday of the month to discuss pursuing minimalism and a more organized lifestyle. Each month, three Professionals Organizers (including me) share facts, advice, and strategies for identifying and focusing on what matters most, while eliminating anything that distracts from it.

This month, we will be talking about what to do with memorabilia that you no longer want. Can you sell it? How can you even find out?  Where can you transfer your excess memorabilia?

Since the arrival of the pandemic, this group has been meeting online, so there is no cost to attend. Want to join us? The fun starts at 7:00pm ET.  Visit this link for details on how to login.

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Habit I’m Forming

Do you spend significant time at your computer? Like most people, I’m online a lot. This month I’m trying out a few new key commands. I am a regular user of some of the more common ones, but I’m trying to learn a couple of new ones. It takes a bit of effort to get in the habit, but I know that once I’ve gotten onto using these shortcuts, they will save me some time. Here are a couple to try:

Control + F (Command + F on a Mac)

When you are reading an article online, use this key command to search for a phrase or keyword. The command pops up a box and makes it easy to type in what you are looking for. You can try it right now on this page and search for the word “tip.” Did you find it?

Control + N (Command + N on a Mac)

This key command allows you to quickly and easily start a new document within a program. I use this a lot when I’m writing, have an idea for another post, and want to start a new Word document. Rather than have to go up to the menu and click “New Document,” I can just hit this command and a new blank document appears.

Control + K (Command + K on a Mac)

This shortcut makes it easy to add a hyperlink to whatever you are writing. First, highlight the URL of the link you want to add and hit Control + C (or Command + C on a Mac), then highlight the words in your document which you want to link. Hit the shortcut and the hyperlink box will pop up, then you can hit Control + V (or Command + V on a Mac) to paste the link.

F5 (Command + R on a Mac)

This key shortcut refreshes the page in your browser. Yes, you can use your arrow to navigate to the refresh icon, but this is so quick and easy. I’m loving it!

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Quote I’ve Been Pondering

Enjoy where you are quote.

I heard this on television while exercising one morning and I thought it was so encouraging. Often, we beat ourselves up for not being where we want to be or having what we want to have. We think we don’t deserve to be happy until we have achieved certain goals or have lives that are perfect. This just isn’t true! Life is meant to be enjoyed. Yes, we may not have the job, home, career, friends, car, figure, etc. that we desire, but we shouldn’t postpone gladness while we work toward those things. Keep on trying, celebrate the small victories, and let yourself take pleasure in the journey.

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Solution I’m Loving

If you are a person who uses a variety of pens, pencils, and markers on a regular basis, this organizer may be just what you need. I like it because it takes advantage of vertical space while still providing separation for different types of supplies. The space at the bottom helps make the most of a small section of your work surface, which is especially helpful if you work at a desk that doesn’t have drawers.

*     *     *

Tip I’m Sharing

When we are in a store or shopping online, almost all products look appealing. People are paid to show off all of a product’s positives. What they don’t share is how you are going to store the product when you get home. When we bring things into our space without forethought, we are likely to find ourselves shoving, stashing, or stacking it. Instead, have a clear plan for where you will put every new item that comes in. Will the shirt go in the closet? Is there space on the rod? Will the toy live in the playroom? If so, on which shelf? If I buy these shoes, will I give one away so this pair will fit on my rack? That kitchen appliance may be appealing, but where will it go in the cabinet? You get the idea: have a plan before you purchase.

INSTATIP: Before you buy, make sure you can answer the question: "Exactly where am I going to keep this?"

*     *     *

Thanks for stopping by this latest sampler. Did any of these resonate with you?

30 thoughts on “Seana’s Sampler, Volume 3”

    1. I think everyone can relate to having valuable memorabilia that they are ready to release, but not sure how to sell. I’m looking forward to learning some things myself! Feel free to check us out next month – new people are always welcome!

  1. That last question is perfect as very often I will see something and think I could use something, but actually answering the question what I would use it for would save a lot of time or energy before purchasing something that I really don’t need or have room for – so thanks for that tip ?

    1. I am always asking, “Where I will keep this?” before I buy it. Being in this profession has made me very mindful of how hard it can be to store things once you walk in the door!

    1. I know most young people know all of these, but I’m still learning and trying new things! The one to add a hyperlink I’m already loving so much. 🙂

  2. Seana- What a fun series! I love all of the ideas you shared this time. But perhaps the one that resonated with me most is the quote about enjoying the journey. I’m such a believer in that. Goals are important and can be great motivators. But what’s the point of arriving if you miss all the learning, growth, joy, and discoveries along the way. And often, because of those discoveries, we alter our goal. Life is made up of more small moments than big ones. So learning to celebrate and appreciate those too makes for a fuller, more enjoyable life. I am also intrigued by the monthly minimalist group that you’re part of. I get the announcements but haven’t added them to my list of things to do. One of these days, I might surprise you.

    1. Nothing could make me happier than seeing your face pop up at one of our Minimal Quest meetings! :):) The offer always stands. The journey actually is what matters most, so we need to allow ourselves to enjoy it. I love your point about how being present in each moment may lead to us altering our goal or changing our direction. That is so true, and often is a very wise move! But if we are nose down, focused only on the goal, we may miss that needed adjustment!

  3. I love this idea! It is fun to know what is bringing us joy right now. What is bringing me joy is listening to podcasts. My favorite is Work Life with Adam Grant. It’s helping me think about navigating turbulent times with a big picture approach.

    I am looking forward to learning from you at NAPO2021!

    1. Thanks for the heads up about the Adam Grant podcast – I will have to check this out!! I’m also excited about NAPO2021. I always learn new things, which is exciting. See you soon around a Zoom screen, Ellen.:)

  4. I love the before purchase plan. And computer shortcuts seem to be pretty integral and I sometimes actively refuse to learn them.. and for what? I need them!

    1. Those shortcuts end up saving a lot of time. I’m sure many people think I’m a bit “late to the game” on using them, but hey, I’m going at my own pace, right?

  5. Enjoyed those keyboard shortcuts, Seana, they’re new to me. I’ll be using the one for a new document often – I get all my best ideas when I’m trying to think about something else!

    1. Isn’t that the truth, Lucy? Great ideas never come in the moment you need them. I should have known about the command N one, but I didn’t. So, I just start where I am. I’m finding them to be surprisingly handy:)

  6. What a fabulous collection! I love the quote, “ Enjoy where you are on the way to where you’re going.” It’s the simple truth. We should enjoy the journey not just the destination.

    The mesh desk organizer is such a good find. For artwork, crafts, or even doodling. It’s much better than rummaging through a drawer of colored pencils, markers or pens.

    I don’t know if I can join the meeting tomorrow night but I’m certainly going to try. It sounds great!

    1. We have a great time at Minimal Quest; very low key but I both share and receive helpful tidbits. You are most welcome any time, Ronni!

    1. The Command-K is probably the shortcut that I am loving the most! It is so quick and easy, and I honestly didn’t know about it. I’m probably a bit late to the game on these, but hey, we start where we are, right?

    1. It’s crazy how a couple of keyboard shortcuts can make life more pleasant. I even wrote a little macro for my email address and website address. I seem to type those repeatedly, and this saves me a small – but nice – amount of time!

  7. I’m going to try some of those key stroke “saves!”

    I rarely go to a store. Once a week, I grocery shop.

    Everyday, I am grateful I don’t need to buy anything. I have more than enough.

    I agree with you! Less is more.

    1. The only store I’m going to these days is the grocery store (and Costco, but also for groceries). I am more and more becoming convinced of the value of keeping “things” simple. Of course, I’m not at the stage of having little ones and having to try and meet their needs. This stage of life is, in a way, very freeing. The shortcuts are fun, though!

  8. All good tips as usual. I particularly like the “Enjoy where you are on the way to where you are going. That is an attitude I need to work on.

    1. I loved that quote from Joyce Meyer. We never actually “get there,” so might as well find joy as we work our way to and through various steps and milestones!

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