Polly’s “Two Choices” Dilemma

Ever have times when given two choices, you always seem to pick the wrong one? Maybe some of Polly’s experiences will resonate with you!

Sometimes it is the little annoyances that cause us the most grief. Can you relate to Polly’s frustration?

34 thoughts on “Polly’s “Two Choices” Dilemma”

    1. I hate when technology goes haywire – very stressful. Largely, I believe, because I don’t feel confident in my ability to fix it. I so agree that time pressure only makes it worse!

    1. Oh, that’s a good one, Neena. I actually wrote a post about that called “Investing.” Once you are in it, you hate to leave, even as you watch the line next to you move faster!

    1. I swear I get that one wrong every time. Maybe I need to put some nail polish on it so I know which side is up. That’s a great idea!!

    1. I always feel so silly with the door one! I should take more time to see if it is a “push” or a “pull,” but I continue to plow forth and frequently get it wrong. 🙂

    1. Rushing definitely makes me more likely to experience all of these. As for the fine print, I seem to be an expert at reading that too late!!

  1. The fourth one really resonates with me. I love that lightning cables work in either direction, and I have been known to pull on a door that says “push” (and vice versa) because my brain is in la-la land when I’m opening doors. (I’m thinking about what I’m going to be doing on the other side of the door, and definitely not bothering to read the door!)

    I can’t tell what’s going on in that second set of photos. Is her grounded plug in the wrong direction? Wouldn’t that just keep the plug from going into the outlet?
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    1. Yes, the second one is about trying to put the plug in with the wide part in the narrow hole. I’ve banged myself into doors more than once LOL! Usually I’m doing the same, rushing along and not paying attention. Honestly, slowing down would help me avoid all of these, right?

    1. Ugh, I hate when that happens!! Technology issues are the worst, and they always seem to erupt just when there is no time margin for error. They stress me out. I always worry that I’ll make the problem worse by trying to fix it. I’m willing to try the reboot, but beyond that, I’m with hopping on another device until I have time to proceed with caution.:)

  2. Oh Yes. For example I was filling in a form online and I did an automatic fill on my first name. When I came to the bottom to press send, it said I hadn’t completed the form. The culprit? The form didn’t recognize auto-fill. Yikes. Count to ten and carry on. You are so talented Seana, Are you the illustrator or the writer?

    1. I’m the writer, Emily Evans is the illustrator. I totally have had that happen with the autofill as well. I press submit and then it tells me I missed something. Count to ten is right… breathe, this too shall pass if I don’t lose it.:)

  3. Yes-especially the door opening one and the plug in one. I often feel that the 50-50 rule should be the 75-25 rule. It can be so annoying.

    1. It seems I get it wrong about 90% of the time when the odds should be 50%. Alas, at least we are all experiencing the same thing, right?

  4. Yes to the password one! Or when you put it in and it says it’s incorrect, and you try to change it because you can’t remember it and then they tell you that you can’t use a previous one. Meaning, you had been putting in the right one!

    Also there’s a joke about usb cables. That it takes three tries to plug one in, even though there are only two ways it can potentially go.
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