Make a Fresh Start – Day 7

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Today is our last idea for how to “Make a Fresh Start” with your physical belongings.

One item everyone should have is a properly maintained fire extinguisher. Honestly, you never know when you might need one. Years ago, we were having a Christmas party, and the centerpiece on the dining room table was one of those wooden, candle-fired, twirling carousels. It had been a gift from my sister that she purchased in Europe. Anyway, we stepped away from the dining room and went to play games in the family room. While we were in the other room, the candles burned down and caught the centerpiece (and then the table) on fire. Fortunately, my husband happened to walk by and saw the flames. He leapt into action, grabbed the fire extinguisher, and became the hero of the day by putting the fire out. I was frankly impressed that he even knew how to use the fire extinguisher! The table was damaged, but the house and everyone inside was ok.

[On a side note, probably 15 years or more later, I finally got the table refinished during COVID]

The thing about fire extinguishers is, they don’t have an endless life. Over time, they lose the air pressure needed to shoot out the flame retardant. You can check to see if your fire extinguisher is still functional by looking at the pressure gauge. The needle should be in the green area. If it isn’t, it’s time to replace the extinguisher.

Today’s challenge is to either order a fire extinguisher if you don’t have one or check the pressure gauge if you do. This will take only minutes but might end up saving a life. It is a good idea to have one near the kitchen at a minimum, and even better to have one near the bedrooms as well.

Do you own a fire extinguisher? When is the last time you checked to see if it was properly charged?

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you’ll come back tomorrow when I will begin with some ideas for making a fresh start with your lifestyle!

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8 thoughts on “Make a Fresh Start – Day 7”

  1. This is so important. I’m constantly surprised at the number of people who don’t have a fire extinguisher in their home or have an ancient one that won’t be useful. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I find those big fire-engine red fire extinguishers to be hard to use, so I’ve long recommended the small First Alert Tundra fire extinguishers. They’re about the size of a whipped cream can, and you just push the button. A few years ago, after the maintenance guys did something floopy with my A/C, condensation dripped down into the insulated water heater jacket and dampened the electrical box. I awoke to the scent (but not the sight) of smoke and it took me ten minutes to figure out what it was. My little Tundra (and some manual bashing of the giant water heater jacket against the water heater) put out the fire, and I was relieved I didn’t have to stop to think how it worked.
    Julie Bestry recently posted…Ask Paper Doll: How And Where Can I Donate Lots of Books?My Profile

    1. That’s a great tip, Julie. I didn’t know about those. That’s the kind of tool that you mostly need in the event of a small fire at home. Easy to store as well!

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