Make a Fresh Start – Day 27

Seana with thumbs up. Select an affirmation on which to focus throughout the year.

We are nearing the end of January, and all month we’ve been talking about ways to “Make a Fresh Start.”

Today is another “mind” suggestion: select an affirmation on which to focus throughout the year. This should be a positive message that you want to repeatedly give yourself. Remember to keep it encouraging, not demeaning or threatening. These should be words you love to hear.

In order to keep this thought front of mind, write it down and post it somewhere visible in your space. This could be on a bulletin board, the refrigerator, the dashboard of your car, the home screen on your phone, or in your bedroom. When my daughter was in college, I learned that the place where kids were most likely to read a flyer was on the back of the bathroom door opposite the toilet. For this reason, they used this location to post the university’s daily newspaper which they called, “The Stall Seat Journal.”

Another option is to record your voice speaking these words and make them your ringtone.

If you are artistic, you might want to make a decorative sign with calligraphy or graphics.

The voice we are most likely to listen to is our own, so harness this power to your advantage. Send yourself the message you need to hear to renew and refresh your thinking.

What message would you love to hear every day?

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