Make a Fresh Start – Day 24

Seana standing tall focusing on one specific aspect of physical fitness: posture.

Welcome back to “Make a Fresh Start!” We are heading into our final full week of this fun month of bite-sized challenges to help you refresh and renew your life.

Yesterday I challenged you to add a small bit of exercise to your daily routine. On this last day of talking about starting fresh with our bodies, I am focusing on one specific aspect of physical fitness: posture.

In a world where most of spend hours a day looking down at our phones or sitting in front of screens, good posture has taken a beating. Over time, leaning forward and looking down cause us to hunch over, weakening our spines and straining our muscles. As it turns out, our heads are actually heavy! If you carry a backpack or baby around all day, you also are putting a lot of pressure on your spine at a less-than-ideal angle and may feel achy by the end of the day.

In contrast, standing up straight makes us feel strong and confident. It is good for our internal organs because we give them space. Standing with good posture also keeps the discs in our spines properly aligned and makes it easier for us to breath deeply and properly.

Today’s challenge is to focus on your posture. If you aren’t sure exactly how you should be standing, back yourself up to a wall so that your heels, rear end, shoulder blades and the back of your head are all touching the wall. Pause for a moment and think about how this feels, then step away from the wall and try to maintain the same position.

If you have never worked on your posture, you may find this exercise tiring. After all, you are engaging muscles you may not have used in a while. As we’ve been saying all month, the idea is to start small. Begin by standing tall for 30 seconds each day. Another alternative is to take a posture break throughout the day, stand straight, and look into the distance for a minute.

Having good posture is always an asset, and a habit that pays both physical and emotional rewards. Do you ever think about your posture? Have you ever focused on improving it?

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6 thoughts on “Make a Fresh Start – Day 24”

  1. Posture is really a problem. I notice so many people who are hunched. Sometimes this can’t be helped because of age or spinal problems, but I believe we should really make our children aware of posture and the benefits of good posture. They will probably resist but we should keep at it and try to encourage it by practicing it outseoves.

    1. Well, holding a baby is not exactly helpful for posture. Still, it is good to be mindful of this because bad posture becomes a habit, which then becomes a physical state from which we cannot escape.

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