Make a Fresh Start – Day 16

Seana looking at a chair as she considers changing her floor plan and furniture arrangement

The weekend is back, and so is our series “Make a Fresh Start.”

Today’s challenge is all about floor planning. The amount and arrangement of furniture in a given room can significantly impact our enjoyment of the space. However, we tend to consider these topics only once – when we are first setting up the room – and then never revisit them again.

Surprisingly, one of the quickest and easiest ways to refresh a space is by simply moving the contents around. Shifting the location of a bed, sofa or desk can make you feel like you have an entirely new room.

Today’s challenge is to rearrange some furniture in one room or space. It may be a room where the layout just isn’t working well. Or, it could be a room where you would simply like a change of pace. Maybe it is a corner of a room that has become a dumping ground and you would like to reclaim it for a productive or relaxing purpose.

While you are moving things around, give serious thought as to whether there might be pieces that you can remove altogether. Maybe an old TV armoire is no longer being used, an extra chair is making the room feel crowded, an ottoman is rarely used (even if it does match the chair), or a rug no longer strikes your fancy. By eliminating these kinds of items, you open up more space to breathe and enjoy.

When designing floorplans, it is always helpful to consider “flow.” Imagine there is a river coming through the door. You want your layout to be such that the river could easily flow into and around the room. If the river couldn’t get between your sofa and coffee table, neither can you. Keep it open and airy.

Are you willing to give this a try? Which room or space do you think might benefit from a refresh?

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