More Quick Tips for Getting & Staying Organized

Getting and staying organized is more a lifestyle than a one-time activity. Often, it is the small, repeated disciplines that have the biggest impact. Today I thought I would share four tips that I’ve recently put up on my Youtube Channel. All are simple things you can do to move you further on your journey toward experiencing “freedom through organization.” I hope you enjoy these tips!

Clear Out Your Bag at the Change of Seasons


Limit Your Number of “Toys”


Establish a “Donations” Container


Reduce Regular Decor Before Setting Out Seasonal Decorations


Did you find these helpful? Which of these tips will you try?

20 thoughts on “More Quick Tips for Getting & Staying Organized”

  1. Omg, this was perfect timing for seasonal decor as I am trying to decorate here for Fall. But I need to organize better my everyday decor now. So, thanks for sharing some great tips to help me with this now 🙂

    1. I’m getting ready to put out the fall decorations as well (I think we both love this stuff). Time to put away a few items and make some space for the pumpkins:)

  2. What practical tips, Seana! It’s funny about the bag clearing. I tend NOT to change my bag. And due to the pandemic, I rarely take my larger bag on “outings.” I can get away with a super tiny purse. But for those that are frequent bag changers, I love your idea of clearing things out at least four times a year. I rarely put out seasonal decorations, but your tip for taking some regular ones away before decorating makes a lot of sense. I see the correlation between that idea and making the seasonal clothing switch. You remove the shorts and sleeveless shirts to make room for the sweaters, warmer pants, and long sleeve shirts. If all seasons of clothing were “out,” drawers and closets would be too cluttered. And it’s the same for seasonal decor.

    1. It is exactly the same for seasonal decor! I’ve been in so many houses where the special items are getting “lost” against the backdrop of daily decor. I think the bag tip could be helpful for men and children as well as women. Perhaps if you never change out your bag, it is even more to periodically empty it, clean it, and make sure you carrying around what matters most, right?

    1. That definitely is an upside of a smaller bag! It is also easier on your back and shoulder, so a small bag is a plus. This is a helpful tip for men as well. I know quite a few men who rarely, if ever, empty their briefcase. Now, when we are staying at home more, might be the perfect time to do this.

  3. Great tips, Seana! My favorite is limiting the number of toys. I agree it works for children and adults. Children sometimes have so many toys they don’t know which one to play with. I find that limiting what they have available gives them freedom and space to chose easily. Likewise with adults, when they hang onto hobbies from the past they have no space to enjoy or store their most recent passion.
    Diane N. Quintana recently posted…My Husband is Hoarding. What Can I Do?My Profile

    1. I’ve actually watched children get overwhelmed by toys. So much good intention and love that can backfire. Having toys set up and ready to play is so much more appealing than a mass of jumbled toys stuffed into boxes or drawers.

  4. Excellent advice all around, Seana! I use one purse until it falls apart, and only carry things I need on a daily basis, but it definitely fills with receipts. If I didn’t clean it out on a weekly basis (while watching TV, so it’s easy and I don’t procrastinate), it would look like a trash bin by the time the seasons changed. 😉 I love your advice for the “toys” we grownups use, and appreciate the reminder that it’s time to empty my donation station and get those donations out of the house today! (Also, I really love your black top with the cute design!)
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    1. Thanks, Julie. People who regularly clean out their bag don’t need any tips from me! I’m more picturing the briefcase that never gets reviewed, or he backpack full of “dead” candy:) (I hadn’t worn that top in literally years, but pulled it out from the bottom of the drawer – thanks for the affirmation!)

    1. I can see that happening with the old holiday decorations. At some point, if your stuff is still out, I guess you start thinking, “Well, I’m closer to the holiday happening again so might as well leave them out.” Still, if that is the case, clear away some of that more day-to-day stuff!

  5. I’ll try all! Actually my purse sort of false alarmed me – the zipper seemed broken so I was so psyched to start a fresh one – but then it came back to life. That said, I’ll be carrying a diaper bag around shortly so I need a total reorganization. And with our home renovations happening, the kids are decluttering toys and donating them too.

    1. I’ve had that happen with a zipper before: no apparent rationale for the sudden functioning! I’m so excited for you and the new baby and the family. You must be tired with the renovation, but new life and renovations often go hand in hand. You’ve got this!

  6. Seana,

    This was so much fun and I love the energy! I bet it was fun to record as well.
    You know I’m a fan of quick tips and solutions. It makes it so much easier to get things done.

    I usually have several summer bags and several bags for other seasons. This year, I’ve had one bag and one tote since June. Life has slowed down as we all know. The upside is less dry cleaning bills and unless to switch over.

    I enjoyed the quick tip for donations. I also leave a bag handy for give aways. The truth is, I can’t wait to get it out of the house once I’ve decided I no longer want it.

    1. I can’t wait to get it out either, but with the shutdown, I had to designate a spot to “hold” these items. Now that I’ve got the place established, it is easy to keep adding to it:)

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