4 Quick Tips for Getting & Staying Organized

Seana gives four tips for getting and staying organized.

Getting and staying organized takes a bit of effort, but the results are well worth it. If you’ve been struggling with organization, here is a great place to start. Follow these four tips and you will be well on your way to living an organized life.

Live Within Your Space


Establish a Home for Everything You Own


Keep Objects for the Right Reaons


Stop Cleaning Up and Start Restoring Order

* * *

Do these tips resonate with you? Which one is the easiest for you? Which is the hardest?

25 thoughts on “4 Quick Tips for Getting & Staying Organized”

    1. Love that you are resonating with establishing homes. It really does make a difference – especially if you can get everyone in the home to put things there!

  1. All of these are excellent tips, Seana. The last one about restoring order or resetting resonated with me. Sometimes I refer to this with clients, as “clearing the decks” or “returning to square one.” In my own space, I love doing this. And if you have worked out the placement situation as in “homes” or “away” that you spoke about, doing the reset is pretty easy to maintain.

    1. That is really the magic, Linda. Once you have established the homes, restoring order is easy. On the flip side, if this hasn’t been done, putting things away is stressful and hard. First one, then the other!

    1. I’m loving “reset.” It has a different connotation that tidying up or cleaning up. It emphasizes the importance of systems and order. I reset all day, but I know I’m sort of at the end of the continuum:)

  2. Loved the comment about keeping a coat we rarely use. I encourage my clients to think about how they use items 365 days out of the year. The more often items are used, the more likely we should keep them.

  3. Seanna,

    How funny is it that we both created videos today?
    Your tips are always so spot on. Finding a home for everything is key. There are no surprises and it becomes easy finding whatever you’re looking for. I love routines!

  4. Love the expression: Live within your space! All your tips are great but that one hit home for me. It’s so relatable to the concept of living within your means. Walls do not expand and having space – free space – is more important now than ever before. Thinking about modifying what you keep by the amount of space at your disposal is key to living comfortably in our homes.

  5. YES! Never keep anything out of guilt. There’s always another way to honor the memory surrounding something that doesn’t involve clutter. Thanks for giving people permission to let go!

  6. I love these tip videos! I especially love the one where you talk about “live within your space!” As a small house homeowner, items have priorities in our home and it is essential to make the decisions right away to keep us living simply. Thank you for sharing.

    1. That’s so nice, Janet! I know we all have the phrases we have cultivated over the years to provide encouragement and guidance. I just love everyone in this profession, and the opportunity we have to come alongside and bring joy and peace:)

  7. You are such a natural on video, Seana, these are great. I really like how you repeat the phrase in question twice at the beginning so we can let it sink in. It’s refreshing to be given that opportunity to ponder like that.

    1. I know these are fundamental to organizers, but it can still be helpful to speak them “out loud” every now and then. Thanks for watching, Lucy!

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