“Selfie-Discipline” #9- Family Meeting

Life is busy. Most of us are moving in many directions at warp speed. It can be hard enough to keep track of our own schedule, let alone everyone else’s. If you live with others, a weekly planning meeting provides a reliable forum for briefly coming together and getting everyone on the same page.

A family meeting can include spouses, older children, grandparents, or anyone else who is living in the household. The meeting works best when it is held at the same time every week (e.g. Friday evening or Saturday morning), and is quick (ideally ten minutes or fewer).

At the meeting, begin by reviewing calendars for the week ahead. Take time to identify who needs to be where by when, and assign any chauffeur duties. Next, talk about what noteworthy events family members have coming up so everyone can be aware and supportive. Finally, review household/family projects and assign next steps that need to be tackled.

Limiting the timespan of the family meeting is the secret to keeping everyone engaged and willing to participate.

Do you hold a family meeting in your home?

6 thoughts on ““Selfie-Discipline” #9- Family Meeting”

  1. OK, so we usually do this when we meal plan at least my husband and I to plan for the week’s meals around everyone’s schedules. So, I think that counts for a meeting of sorts, because we not only set up our meals but put reminders in our Alexa to help keep the week moving along OK, as well.

  2. There are just two of us but we still have family meetings to do calendar checks and plan the next week. I definitely helps to keep stress and misunderstandings under control. With more people it is even more crucial.

    1. I think the family meeting makes sense when there are at least two people. It just gets everyone on the same page and minimizes unexpected conflicts.

    1. I love that Scarlet calls them. Isn’t that so precious? It shows that she values the family being together and talking about the family’s operation. I love this image!

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